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PDFWAC 332-12-280

Lease terms.

(1) Leases issued under the provisions of chapter 79.14 RCW and these rules shall be on forms prepared and prescribed by the department.
(2) Leases shall contain, where applicable, provisions implementing the rules and regulations contained in chapter 332-12 WAC.
(3) Leases shall contain, where applicable, provisions which:
(a) Protect the environment;
(b) Provide for security for faithful performance of the lease terms and conditions;
(c) Require a plan of operations;
(d) Require reclamation;
(e) Prevent waste;
(f) Provide for plugging and abandonment;
(g) Require compliance with the provisions of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act and its rules and regulations;
(h) Require the drilling of wells for the purpose of offsetting producing wells on adjoining lands;
(i) Require the lessee to furnish gas produced from the lease to state lessees for direct use where requested by the department;
(j) Relate to the surface use and resources.
(4) Leases shall contain such terms as are customary and proper for the protection of the rights of the state, the lessee and the surface owner, and necessary to insure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.14.120. WSR 82-23-053 (Order 387), ยง 332-12-280, filed 11/16/82.]
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