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PDFWAC 308-96A-545

Gold Star license plate.

(1) What is a Gold Star license plate? The Gold Star license plate recognizes the eligible family members of United States armed forces members who have died while in service to their country or as a result of such service.
(2) Who qualifies as an eligible family member of a member of the United States armed forces? Eligible family members are listed in RCW 46.18.245. For purposes of this section, a widow or widower includes the surviving member of a registered domestic partnership.
(3) What is required to purchase a Gold Star plate? A copy of the certification letter to a qualifying widow, widower, parent, or child provided by the Washington state department of veterans affairs (WDVA) is required. The letter will be used in addition to a special plate application to purchase the plate. No other documentation is required.
(4) Can a Gold Star plate be transferred to a new owner? No. The plate may only be transferred to a vehicle owned by the same registered owner who was certified as a qualifying widow, widower, parent, or child by WDVA. The plate cannot be transferred to a different registered owner. If the widow, widower, parent, or child transfers the plate to a new car registered to them, they are required to pay the plate transfer fee.
(5) What fees are required to purchase the plate? There is no special plate fee or special plate renewal fee for the Gold Star plate. The registered owner must pay all licensing and filing fees.
(6) Can a Gold Star plate background be personalized? Yes. A Gold Star plate background can be personalized; however, the customer is required to pay all fees associated with a personalized plate original purchase or renewal.
(7) Is a commercial vehicle eligible for a Gold Star plate as long as it is in the name of the qualifying widow, widower, parent, or child and not a business name? Yes.
(8) Can a prorated vehicle display a Gold Star plate if the vehicle is under the name of the widow, widower, parent, or child that is eligible for this plate? No per chapter 46.87 RCW.
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