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PDFWAC 308-93-010


The following definitions apply to the rules in this chapter:
(1) "Bare boat" means a vessel rented without a captain or crew.
(2) "Carpenter certificate" means a certificate issued by a manufacturer describing the vessel and certifying the first conveyance of the vessel after its manufacture.
(3) "Certificate of ownership" means the ownership document issued by the department or other jurisdiction, sometimes referred to as a title.
(4) "Charter vessel" means a vessel rented with a crew.
(5) "Commercial fishing vessel" means a vessel primarily used for commercial or charter fishing.
(6) "Conveyance" means transfer of title of a vessel from one person to another.
(7) "Declaration of value form" means the department of licensing form used to declare the value for purposes of assessing excise tax when a vessel is acquired by lease, trade, gift, is homemade, or the most recent purchase price is not known.
(8) "Director" means the director of the department of licensing.
(9) "Display permit" means the document issued by the department, its agents or subagents, for display on the vessel for which it was issued under the authority of WAC 308-93-055 or 308-93-056.
(10) "Docking hull" means vessels that are powered by one or more personal watercrafts and are designed for use with personal watercraft.
(11) "Documented vessel" means a vessel that is documented by the United States Coast Guard and is issued a valid marine certificate.
(12) "Exclusively" means solely and without exception.
(13) "Foreign vessel" means a vessel registered in accordance with the laws of another state or jurisdiction. Also referred to as "out-of-country."
(14) "Houseboat" means any vessel as defined in RCW 88.02.010(1). For registration and certificate of ownership purposes, a houseboat does not include any building on a float used in whole or in part for human habitation as a single-family dwelling which is not powered by self-propulsion by mechanical means or wind.
(15) "Identification documents" means the vessel registration receipt and display permit issued under the authority of WAC 308-93-055 or 308-93-056.
(16) "Issuing authority" means the number system has not been approved by the Coast Guard or it is a state or other jurisdiction that has a vessel identification numbering system approved by the Coast Guard. (Also see definition for out of country vessel.)
(17) "Legal owner/secured party" means a person, business, or institution having a security interest in a vessel perfected in accordance with RCW 88.02.070.
(18) "Lifeboat" means watercraft used exclusively for lifesaving purposes.
(19) "Manufacturer's certificate of origin" (MCO) or "Manufacturer's statement of origin" (MSO) means a certificate issued by a manufacturer describing the vessel and certifying the first conveyance of the vessel after manufacture.
(20) "Out-of-country vessel" means a vessel registered or numbered by the laws of another country or has a valid United States Customs Service Cruising License.
(21) "Overall length" means a straight-line measurement of the overall distance from the foremost point of the vessel to the aftermost part of the vessel, measured parallel to the centerline. Bowsprits, bumpkins or boomkins, rudders, outboard motor brackets, outdrive units, propellers, and similar fittings or attachments are not included in the measurement.
(22) "Paperless title" means electronic ownership record.
(23) "Person" includes every natural person, firm, copartnership, corporation, association or organization.
(24) "Personal watercraft" for the purpose of this rule has the same meaning as in RCW 79A.60.010, such as Jet Ski or Wet Bike.
(25) "Primarily" means the principal purpose for which a vessel is used when considered in conjunction with all of its uses.
(26) "Principal use" means when a vessel is used on waters of this state for one hundred eighty-three days or more.
(27) "Propulsion machinery/mechanical power" means any device providing motion to a vessel through such means as combustion, steam, or electric machinery.
(28) "Racing vessel" is a vessel used exclusively in racing events.
(29) "Release of interest" means the act of signing over any ownership in a vessel. A notarized or certified release of interest is also a document relinquishing interest in a vessel.
(30) "Renewal notice" and "special mailer" means the notice to renew a vessel registration mailed by the department to the owner.
(31) "Tender" means watercraft used exclusively to furnish transportation from a larger vessel to shore and return.
(32) "Time share charters" means leased vessels where none of the parties leasing the vessel under a "time share" option agreement is acquiring an equity in the vessel and there is no option to buy.
(33) "United States Customs Service Cruising License" means an annual certificate issued by U.S. Customs Service under 19 C.F.R. Sec. 4.94, which exempts pleasure boats from certain countries from formal entry and clearance procedures, from payment of tonnage tax and clearance fees at all but the first port of entry.
(34) "Use of waters" means to navigate, operate, employ, or moor any vessel upon the waters.
(35) "Valid marine document" means a document issued by the Coast Guard which declares it to be a United States documented vessel.
(36) "Vessel data form" means the form, approved by the department, completed by the applicant describing the vessel.
(37) "Vessel seller's report of sale." A vessel seller's report of sale is a document that protects the seller from certain criminal and civil liabilities arising from use of the vessel by another person after the vessel has been sold or a change in ownership has occurred.
(38) "Waters of this state" means any waters within the territorial limits of this state as defined in U.S. Code: Title 43, Section 1312.
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