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PDFWAC 308-48-030

Care of human remains.

(1) Funeral establishments, funeral directors, embalmers, interns, employees or agents while providing for the care and handling of human remains shall:
(a) Comply with all applicable Washington state laws, rules and regulations related to health or the handling, transportation or disposition of human remains. This rule includes compliance with OSHA/WISHA standards specifically defined in OSHA 29 C.F.R. 1910.1030 with regard to the handling of human remains and infectious materials.
(b) Not perform any act which will tend to affect adversely the dignity, individual integrity or the respectful and reverential handling and burial or other lawful disposition of human remains.
(c) Upon receipt of the human remains, obtain the identity of the human remains as established by the institution, agency, or individual releasing the remains and place an identification bracelet or tag on the ankle or wrist of the remains. In the case of a remains that must be placed in a protective pouch due to the condition of the remains, an identification bracelet or tag should be placed inside the pouch and a second bracelet or tag attached to the exterior of the pouch.
(d) Follow the directions of the individual or individuals that has/have the right to control the disposition of the human remains.
(e) Record and maintain the following information:
(i) Name of deceased;
(ii) Date of death;
(iii) Place of death;
(iv) Name and relationship of person(s) having the right to control the disposition;
(v) Date and time of receipt of remains;
(vi) Date and time of refrigeration and/or embalming;
(vii) Date and time of removal of remains from refrigeration;
(viii) Method, date and location of disposition.
(f) Not separate any organs, viscera or appendages of a human remains from any other portion of the remains for a separate or different disposition.
(g) Provide refrigerated holding of a human remains for which embalming has not been authorized. In addition to these regulations, the handling and refrigeration of human remains shall be governed by chapter 246-500 WAC.
(2) The care and preparation for burial or other disposition of all human remains shall be private. No one shall be allowed in the embalming or preparation rooms while a human remains is being embalmed or during the course of an autopsy except the licensee, their licensed employees, and public officials in the discharge of their duties. This rule shall not apply to medical personnel employed in a situation requiring medical expertise or those authorized to be present by the decedent's next of kin.
(3) Every licensee shall provide a written itemization of any property, money, jewelry, possessions or other items found on a human remains in the licensee's care, custody or control to the decedent's next of kin or the proper authorities.
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