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WAC 250-20-071

Appeal process.

Should a student question his or her state need grant eligibility or award, the following procedures should be followed:
(1) The student should direct questions and appeals to the financial aid officer at the institution he or she attends.
(2) If the student is not satisfied with the response of the institution, he or she should assemble all relevant academic, financial, and personal data and forward it to the higher education coordinating board for review.
(3) The board's division of student financial aid will review all material submitted and, if possible, will resolve the problem, advising the student of his or her eligibility and generating an award or, if the student is not eligible for a state need grant, advising the student of the reason for denial.
(4) The higher education coordinating board will convene its review committee to consider the situation of any student whose state need grant eligibility is questionable, or upon the request of the student. If the committee finds the student eligible for state need grant receipt, it will advise the financial aid administrator at the institution the student attends and will recommend to the school that the student's state need grant award be processed immediately. If the review committee finds the student not eligible for state need grant receipt, it will advise the student of the reason for denial.
(5) If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the review committee, the student's final recourse is submission of his or her case to the executive director of the higher education coordinating board.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.92 RCW. WSR 08-15-156, § 250-20-071, filed 7/22/08, effective 8/22/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.10.800 - [28B.10.]822. WSR 90-04-067, § 250-20-071, filed 2/5/90, effective 7/1/90. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.10.806. WSR 87-16-046 (Order 2/87, Resolution No. 87-59), § 250-20-071, filed 7/29/87; Order 2-77, § 250-20-071, filed 4/13/77; Order 3-75, § 250-20-071, filed 4/25/75.]
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