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WAC 250-20-011

Student eligibility.

For a student to be eligible for a state need grant he or she must:
(1) Be a "needy student" as determined by the higher education coordinating board in accordance with RCW 28B.10.802. These students must also meet the "income cutoff," be a "former foster youth", be a "disadvantaged student or be an opportunity internship graduate."
(2) Be a resident of the state of Washington in accordance with RCW 28B.15.012 (2)(a) through (d).
(3) Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate student at a participating postsecondary institution. A student is not eligible if he or she has received a bachelor's degree or its foreign equivalent.
(a) For purposes of need grant eligibility, the student must be enrolled, at time of disbursement, in a course load of at least six credits per quarter or semester (except as specified in WAC 250-20-021 less-than-half-time pilot project and opportunity internship graduates).
(b) A student enrolled less than half time may not receive this grant for the term in question (except as specified in WAC 250-20-021 less-than-half-time pilot project and opportunity internship graduates), but is eligible for reinstatement or reapplication for a grant upon return to at least a half-time status. Correspondence courses may not comprise more than one-half of the student's minimum credit load for which aid is being considered.
(c) Have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Equivalent standards include a general education development certificate or a certificate of completion of a home study program recognized by the student's home state. For a student without a high school diploma or its equivalent, a school may accept a recognized ability-to-benefit test as defined by federal financial aid regulations.
(4) Maintain satisfactory progress as defined in WAC 250-20-021(19).
(5) Not be pursuing a degree in theology.
(6) Have submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to receive consideration for a Pell grant (except as specified in WAC 250-20-021 less-than-half-time pilot project and opportunity internship graduates).
(7) Certify that he or she does not owe a refund or repayment on a state or federal grant, and is not in default on a loan made, insured, or guaranteed under the Federal Family Education Loan Program, the Federal Perkins Loan Program, or the Federal Direct Student Loan Program.
(8) Not exceed the following state need grant usage limits:
(a) The equivalent of ten full-time semesters or fifteen full-time quarters or equivalent combination of these two.
(b) One hundred twenty-five percent of the school's published program length.
(c) A new associate degree or certificate program as a state need grant recipient within five years of earning an associate degree as a need grant recipient, except that a student may earn two associate degrees concurrently. A student shall be deemed to have received an associate degree as a state need grant recipient if the student received grant payments in more than three quarters, two semesters, or equivalent clock hours while pursuing an associate degree.
(d) For an individual qualifying for the state need grant as an opportunity internship graduate, the equivalent of two full-time semesters or three full-time quarters.
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