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PDFWAC 246-918-120

Remote site.

(1) A physician assistant may not work in a remote site without approval of the commission or its designee. A physician may not supervise more than three physician assistants who are working in remote sites, or more physician assistants than the physician can adequately supervise.
(2) The commission or its designee may grant the use of a physician assistant in a remote site if:
(a) There is a demonstrated need for such use;
(b) Adequate provision for timely communication exists between the supervising physician and the physician assistant;
(c) The supervising physician spends at least ten percent of the practice time of the physician assistant in the remote site. In the case of part time or unique practice settings, the physician may petition the commission to modify the on-site requirement providing the supervising physician demonstrates that adequate supervision is being maintained by an alternate method including, but not limited to, telecommunication. The commission will consider each request on an individual basis.
(3) The names of the supervising physician and the physician assistant must be prominently displayed at the entrance to the clinic or in the reception area of the remote site.
(4) A physician assistant holding an interim permit may not work in a remote site.
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