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PDFWAC 242-03-075

Special meeting.

(1) A special meeting of the board may be called at the request of any two of the board members. To call a special meeting, a written notice of the meeting shall be posted on the board's web site and personally emailed to:
(a) Each member of the board; and
(b) Each general circulation newspaper, television or radio station which has on file with the board a written request to be notified of special meetings.
(2) The written notice shall state the date and time of the meeting, and shall specify the business to be transacted by the board. The board will not take final action on any matter that is not specified in the written notice.
(3) Notices of special meetings shall be sent by email:
(a) One day (twenty-four hours) before the scheduled meeting; except
(b) When a special meeting is called to consider rule changes pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW, the notice shall be sent at least twenty days prior to the meeting; and except
(c) In the event of an emergency requiring board action, the notice and timing requirements may be waived as provided in RCW 42.30.080.
(4) The special meeting shall be chaired by the administrative officer.
(5) A special meeting may be held by telephone conference call.
(6) Members of the public may attend a special meeting by appearing at the board office, or the location of the special meeting, at the date and time set for the meeting.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.70A.270(7). WSR 11-13-109, ยง 242-03-075, filed 6/21/11, effective 7/22/11.]
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