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PDFWAC 182-70-210

Procedures for data requests.

(1) The lead organization must use an application process for data requests.
(2) In addition to the requirements in RCW 43.371.050(1), at a minimum, the application must require the following information:
(a) Detailed information about the project for which the data is being requested including, but not limited to:
(i) Purpose of the project and data being requested, and level of detail for the data requested.
(ii) Methodology for data analysis and timeline for the project.
(iii) If applicable, copy of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol and approval or Exempt Determination and application for the IRB exemption for the project review. Researchers must use an IRB that has been registered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Human Research Protections. The IRB may however be located outside the state of Washington.
(iv) Staffing qualifications and resumes.
(v) Information on third-party organizations or individuals who may have access to the requested data as part of the project for which the data is requested. The information provided must include the same information required by the requestor, as applicable. Data cannot be shared with third parties except as approved in a data request.
(b) Information regarding whether the requestor has, within the three years prior to the data request date, violated a data use agreement, nondisclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement. Such information must include, but not be limited to, the facts surrounding the violation or data breach, the cause of the violation or data breach, and all steps taken to correct the violation or data breach and prevent a reoccurrence.
(c) Information regarding whether the requestor has, within the five years prior to the data request date, been subject to a state or federal regulatory action related to a data breach and has been found in violation and assessed a penalty, been a party to a criminal or civil action relating to a data breach and found guilty or liable for that breach, or had to take action to notify individuals due to a data breach for data maintained by the data requestor or for which the data requestor was responsible for maintaining in a secure environment.
(d) Submittal of the project's data management plan (DMP), which DMP must include the information required in WAC 182-70-220.
(e) Require all recipients of protected health information (PHI) to provide an attestation from an authorized individual that the recipient of the requested data has data privacy and security policies and procedures in place on the date of the request and will maintain these policies and procedures for the project period, these policies and procedures comply with Washington state laws and rules, and meet the standards and guidelines required by the Washington state office of chief information officer. Data recipients must also attest that recipients will provide copies of the data privacy and security policies and procedures upon request by the lead organization.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160 and 43.371.020. WSR 20-08-059, § 182-70-210, filed 3/25/20, effective 4/25/20. WSR 19-24-090, recodified as § 182-70-210, filed 12/3/19, effective 1/1/20. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.371 RCW. WSR 16-22-062, § 82-75-210, filed 11/1/16, effective 12/2/16.]
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