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PDFWAC 173-443-060


(1) No person may offer for sale, lease, rent, install, or otherwise cause to enter into Washington commerce any product or equipment that contains, uses, or will use HFCs or other substitutes prohibited for an end-use in WAC 173-443-040 unless an exemption is provided for in WAC 173-443-050.
(2) Products and equipment manufactured prior to the applicable effective date of a prohibition in WAC 173-443-040 may be sold, leased, rented, imported, exported, distributed, installed, used, or otherwise introduced into Washington commerce after the date of prohibition.
(a) For products and equipment imported from outside the United States, the date of import may be considered the date of manufacture.
(b) For refrigeration equipment and chillers, the date the manufacturer affixed an equipment label indicating the equipment's date of manufacture is the date of manufacture.
(c) Polyurethane foam systems manufactured (blended) before an applicable prohibition date and not yet applied on site may be used after the prohibition date.
(3) Except where an existing system is retrofit, nothing in this chapter requires a person that acquired a product or equipment containing or using a prohibited substitute prior to the effective date of a prohibition in WAC 173-443-040 to cease use of that product or equipment.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 70A.45 and 70A.15 RCW. WSR 21-01-085 (Order 19-04), ยง 173-443-060, filed 12/10/20, effective 1/10/21.]
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