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PDFWAC 136-14-030


Each county engineer will be required to develop a priority programming process tailored to meet the overall roadway system development policy determined by his or her county legislative authority. Items to be included and considered in the technique for roads shall include, but need not be limited to the following:
(1) Traffic volumes;
(2) Roadway condition;
(3) Geometrics;
(4) Safety and accident history; and
(5) Matters of significant local importance.
The manner in which these various items are treated may vary from county to county.
Bridge priorities shall be established in accordance with WAC 136-20-060. A description of the priority programming technique to be used shall be submitted by each county engineer to the county road administration board.
The county road administration board, upon request, will provide assistance to counties in the development, evaluation or modification of their priority programming process in order to meet the requirements of this rule.
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