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PDFWAC 132F-20-040

Reimbursement for moving expenses.

Any displaced person is entitled to be reimbursed by the college as provided in this section for the actual reasonable expenses necessarily incurred in moving himself, his family, and personal property, such costs to include temporary lodging and transportation of himself and his family and dismantling, removing, packing, loading, transporting, insuring, reinstalling, unpacking and temporary storage of personal property, but not a devaluation of such personal property incurred in or caused by such moving. Such reimbursement payments shall be subject to and conditioned upon the following limitations.
(1) The allowable compensable distance of a move shall be no farther than one hundred miles by road from the property acquired. In the event the displaced person actually moves to a place farther therefrom, the college shall deduct from the actual reasonable moving expenses that portion of the expense for temporary lodging and transportation of himself and his family and the transporting, insuring and temporary storage of personal property caused by that portion of the move in excess of one hundred miles.
(2) The maximum compensable allowable time for temporary storage of personal property shall be sixty days.
(3) In the event a displaced person elects to be reimbursed under this section (section 5(1), chapter 236, Laws of 1969 ex. sess.) he shall, within ninety days following the removal of his personal property from the real property condemned, file with the college a written statement under oath including the material specified in WAC 132F-20-050.
(4) In the event the displaced person utilizes a motor vehicle of his own ownership for such move he shall be paid a reasonable amount for its operation not, however, to exceed ten cents per mile. The determination of reasonable expense shall be made by the director of facilities development and plant services of the college.
[Order 1970-2, ยง 132F-20-040, filed 3/27/70.]
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