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Evidence. (Effective until July 1, 2022.)

(1) In proceedings for a sexual assault protection order and prosecutions for violating a sexual assault protection order, the prior sexual activity or the reputation of the petitioner is inadmissible except:
(a) As evidence concerning the past sexual conduct of the petitioner with the respondent when this evidence is offered by the respondent upon the issue of whether the petitioner consented to the sexual conduct with respect to which the offense is alleged; or
(b) When constitutionally required to be admitted.
(2) No evidence admissible under this section may be introduced unless ruled admissible by the court after an offer of proof has been made at a hearing held in camera to determine whether the respondent has evidence to impeach the witness in the event that prior sexual activity with the respondent is denied. The offer of proof shall include reasonably specific information as to the date, time, and place of the past sexual conduct between the petitioner and the respondent. Unless the court finds that reasonably specific information as to date, time, or place, or some combination thereof, has been offered as to prior sexual activity with the respondent, counsel for the respondent shall be ordered to refrain from inquiring into prior sexual activity between the petitioner and the respondent. The court may not admit evidence under this section unless it determines at the hearing that the evidence is relevant and the probative value of the evidence outweighs the danger of unfair prejudice. The evidence shall be admissible at trial to the extent an order made by the court specifies the evidence that may be admitted and areas with respect to which the petitioner may be examined or cross-examined.
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