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World War I societies.

Any corporation, society, order, or voluntary association operating as set forth in RCW 48.36A.010, 48.36A.020, and 48.36A.030, organized during the war in which the United States entered on April 6, 1917, with the purposes of assisting the government of the United States in maintaining and increasing the production of commodities essential for the prosecution of that war, and of developing loyalty to the United States, or whose membership is limited to veterans of that war, may be licensed under the provisions of this chapter and shall have all the privileges and shall be subject to all the provisions and regulations of this chapter, except that the provisions of this chapter requiring death benefits of at least one thousand dollars, medical examinations, and valuations of benefit certificates, shall not apply to such society, but the society may provide benefits in case of death or disability resulting solely from accidents in an amount not exceeding one thousand dollars and may also provide for death or funeral benefits, or both, not exceeding one hundred dollars each, and for sick or disability benefits not exceeding five hundred dollars to any one person, in any one year. Any corporation, society, order, or voluntary association organized under the provisions of this section shall file with the insurance commissioner a copy of all its rates and policy forms. Rates and policy forms must be approved by the insurance commissioner before becoming effective. All rates and forms approved by the commissioner shall be observed by the society until amended rates or forms shall have been filed with and approved by the insurance commissioner.
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