Chapter 36.73 RCW



36.73.020Establishment of district by county or cityParticipation by other jurisdictions.
36.73.030Establishment of district by city.
36.73.040General powers of district.
36.73.050Establishment of districtPublic hearingOrdinance.
36.73.060Authority to levy property tax.
36.73.065Taxes, fees, charges, tolls, rebate program.
36.73.067Vehicle fee rebate programLow-income individualsReport to legislature.
36.73.070Authority to issue general obligation bonds, revenue bonds.
36.73.080Local improvement districts authorizedSpecial assessmentsBonds.
36.73.090Printing of bonds.
36.73.100Use of bond proceeds.
36.73.110Acceptance and use of gifts and grants.
36.73.120Imposition of fees on building construction or land development.
36.73.130Power of eminent domain.
36.73.140Authority to contract for street and highway improvements.
36.73.150Department of transportation, counties, cities, and other jurisdictions may fund transportation improvements.
36.73.160Transportation improvement projectsMaterial change policyAnnual report.
36.73.170Completion of transportation improvementTermination of district operationsTermination of taxes, fees, charges, and tollsDissolution of district.
36.73.180Supplemental transportation improvements.
36.73.900Liberal construction.


Roads and bridges, service districts: Chapter 36.83 RCW.