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Solid waste disposal districtExcise taxLien for delinquent taxes and penalties.

A solid waste disposal district may levy and collect an excise tax on the privilege of living in or operating a business in a solid waste disposal taxing district sufficient to fund its solid waste disposal activities: PROVIDED, That any property which is producing commercial garbage shall be exempt if the owner is providing regular collection and disposal. The excise tax shall be billed and collected at times and in the manner fixed and determined by the solid waste disposal district. Penalties for failure to pay the tax on time may be provided for. A solid waste disposal district shall have a lien for delinquent taxes and penalties, plus an interest rate equal to the interest rate for delinquent property taxes. The lien shall be attached to each parcel of property in the district that is occupied by the person so taxed and shall be superior to all other liens and encumbrances except liens for property taxes.
The solid waste disposal district shall periodically certify the delinquencies to the county treasurer at which time the lien shall be attached. The lien shall be foreclosed in the same manner as the foreclosure of real property taxes.


Severability1982 c 175: See note following RCW 36.58.100.
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