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Employee checks, drafts, warrantsCity, town may cash.

Any city or town is hereby authorized, at its option and after the adoption of the appropriate ordinance, to accept in exchange for cash a payroll check, draft, or warrant; expense check, draft, or warrant; or personal check from a city or town employee in accordance with the following conditions:
(1) The check, warrant, or draft must be drawn to the order of cash or bearer and be immediately payable by a drawee financial institution;
(2) The person presenting the check, draft, or warrant to the city or town must produce identification as outlined by the city or town in the authorizing ordinance;
(3) The payroll check, draft, or warrant or expense check, draft, or warrant must have been issued by the city or town; and
(4) Personal checks cashed pursuant to this authorization cannot exceed two hundred dollars.
In the event that any personal check cashed for a city or town employee by the city or town under this section is dishonored by the drawee financial institution when presented for payment, the city or town is authorized, after notice to the drawer or endorser of the dishonor, to withhold from the drawer's or endorser's next payroll check, draft, or warrant the full amount of the dishonored check.
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