Chapter 19.122 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.122.010Intent.
HTMLPDF 19.122.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.122.027One-number locator servicesSingle statewide toll-free telephone number.
HTMLPDF 19.122.030Excavator and facility operator duties before excavation.
HTMLPDF 19.122.031Exempted activities.
HTMLPDF 19.122.033Notice of excavation to pipeline companies.
HTMLPDF 19.122.035Pipeline company duties after notice of excavationExaminationInformation of damageNotification of local first responders.
HTMLPDF 19.122.040Underground facilities identified in bid or contractExcavator's duty of reasonable careLiability for damagesAttorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 19.122.045Exemption from liability.
HTMLPDF 19.122.050Damage to underground facilityNotification by excavatorRepairs or relocation of facility.
HTMLPDF 19.122.053Report of damage to underground facility.
HTMLPDF 19.122.055Failure to notify one-number locator serviceCivil penalty, if damages.
HTMLPDF 19.122.070Civil penaltiesTreble damagesExisting remedies not affected.
HTMLPDF 19.122.075Damage or removal of permanent markingCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 19.122.080Waiver of notification and marking requirements.
HTMLPDF 19.122.090Excavation without a valid excavation confirmation codePenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.122.100Violation of RCW 19.122.090Affirmative defense.
HTMLPDF 19.122.110False excavation confirmation codePenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.122.120One-number locator service to provide excavation confirmation code.
HTMLPDF 19.122.130Commission to contract with nonprofit entitySafety committeeReview of violations of chapter.
HTMLPDF 19.122.140Commission authorityReceipt of notification of violation of chapterReferral to attorney general.
HTMLPDF 19.122.150Commission authorityViolations of chapterImposition of penalties.
HTMLPDF 19.122.160Damage prevention account.
HTMLPDF 19.122.170Damage prevention accountUse of funds.
HTMLPDF 19.122.180Damage prevention accountDeposit of penalties.
HTMLPDF 19.122.901Short title2011 c 263.