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Death warrantIssuanceFormTime for execution of judgment and sentence.

(1) If a death sentence is affirmed and the case remanded to the trial court as provided in RCW 10.95.140(2), a death warrant shall forthwith be issued by the clerk of the trial court, which shall be signed by a judge of the trial court and attested by the clerk thereof under the seal of the court. The warrant shall be directed to the superintendent of the state penitentiary and shall state the conviction of the person named therein and the judgment and sentence of the court, and shall appoint a day on which the judgment and sentence of the court shall be executed by the superintendent, which day shall not be less than thirty nor more than ninety days from the date the trial court receives the remand from the supreme court of Washington.
(2) If the date set for execution under subsection (1) of this section is stayed by a court of competent jurisdiction for any reason, the new execution date is automatically set at thirty judicial days after the entry of an order of termination or vacation of the stay by such court unless the court invalidates the conviction, sentence, or remands for further judicial proceedings. The presence of the inmate under sentence of death shall not be required for the court to vacate or terminate the stay according to this section.
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