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Chapter 39.84 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.84.010Finding and declaration of necessity.
HTMLPDF 39.84.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 39.84.030Public corporationsCreation, dissolution.
HTMLPDF 39.84.040Board of directors of public corporation.
HTMLPDF 39.84.050Public corporationsDirectorsConflicts of interest.
HTMLPDF 39.84.060Public corporationsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 39.84.070Public corporationsAudit by state.
HTMLPDF 39.84.080Public corporationsPowers.
HTMLPDF 39.84.090Reporting to the department of commerce.
HTMLPDF 39.84.100Revenue bondsProvisions.
HTMLPDF 39.84.110Revenue bondsRefunding.
HTMLPDF 39.84.120Trust agreements.
HTMLPDF 39.84.130Commingling of bond proceeds or revenues with municipal funds prohibitedException.
HTMLPDF 39.84.140Subleases and assignments.
HTMLPDF 39.84.150Determination of rent.
HTMLPDF 39.84.160Proceedings in the event of default.
HTMLPDF 39.84.170Implementation of economic development programs by port districtUse of nonprofit corporationsTransfer of funds.
HTMLPDF 39.84.200Authority of community economic revitalization board under this chapter.
HTMLPDF 39.84.900ConstructionSupplemental nature of chapter.
HTMLPDF 39.84.910Captions not part of law.


Special revenue financing: State Constitution Art. 33 § 1.