Chapter 39.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.04.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 39.04.015Adjustment to bid priceConditions.
HTMLPDF 39.04.020Plans and specificationsEstimatesPublicationEmergencies.
HTMLPDF 39.04.040Work to be executed according to plansSupplemental plans.
HTMLPDF 39.04.050Contents of original estimates.
HTMLPDF 39.04.060Supplemental estimates.
HTMLPDF 39.04.070Account and record of cost.
HTMLPDF 39.04.080Certified copy to be filedEngineers' certificate.
HTMLPDF 39.04.100Records open to public inspectionCertified copies.
HTMLPDF 39.04.105Competitive biddingWritten protestsNotice of contract execution.
HTMLPDF 39.04.107Competitive biddingBidder claiming error.
HTMLPDF 39.04.110Penalty for false entries.
HTMLPDF 39.04.120Change orders due to environmental protection requirementsCostsDispute resolution.
HTMLPDF 39.04.130Application of RCW 39.04.120.
HTMLPDF 39.04.133State capital improvement or construction projectsProduct standards.
HTMLPDF 39.04.135Demolition projectsRecycling or reuse of materials.
HTMLPDF 39.04.151Small works rosterState agencies, authorized local governments may establishMunicipal research and services centerRules.
HTMLPDF 39.04.152Uniform small works roster provisionsInvitations for bidsRetainage, performance bondsBid quotationsList of small works contracts awarded.
HTMLPDF 39.04.154Capital projects advisory review boardReviewRecommendations.
HTMLPDF 39.04.160Contracts subject to requirements established under office of minority and women's business enterprises.
HTMLPDF 39.04.162Awards of procurement contracts to veteran-owned businesses.
HTMLPDF 39.04.170Application of chapter to performance-based contracts for energy equipment.
HTMLPDF 39.04.175Application of chapter to certain agreements relating to water pollution control, solid waste handling facilities.
HTMLPDF 39.04.180Trench excavationsSafety systems required.
HTMLPDF 39.04.190Purchase contract processOther than formal sealed bidding.
HTMLPDF 39.04.200Small works roster or purchase contractsListing of contracts awarded required.
HTMLPDF 39.04.210Correctional facilities construction and repairFindings.
HTMLPDF 39.04.220Correctional facilities construction and repairUse of general contractor/construction manager method for awarding contractsDemonstration projects.
HTMLPDF 39.04.230Correctional facilities construction and repairAlternative contracting method to remain in force until contracts completed.
HTMLPDF 39.04.235Public works contractsUnit priced contractsWhen authorizedBidding requirements.
HTMLPDF 39.04.240Public works contractsAwarding of attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 39.04.250Payments received on account of work performed by subcontractorDisputed amountsRemedies.
HTMLPDF 39.04.260Private construction performed pursuant to contract for rental, lease, or purchase by stateMust comply with prevailing wage law.
HTMLPDF 39.04.270Electronic data processing and telecommunications systemsMunicipalitiesAcquisition methodCompetitive negotiationFindings, intent.
HTMLPDF 39.04.280Competitive bidding requirementsExemptions.
HTMLPDF 39.04.290Contracts for building engineering systems.
HTMLPDF 39.04.300Apprenticeship training programsPurpose.
HTMLPDF 39.04.310Apprenticeship training programsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 39.04.320Apprenticeship training programsPublic works contractsAdjustment of specific projectsReport and collection of agency dataApprenticeship utilization advisory committee created.
HTMLPDF 39.04.330Use of wood productsCompliance with chapter 39.35D RCW.
HTMLPDF 39.04.340Apprenticeship and training council outreach effort.
HTMLPDF 39.04.350Bidder responsibility criteriaSworn statementSupplemental criteria.
HTMLPDF 39.04.360Payment of undisputed claimsChange ordersCivil actions for violations.
HTMLPDF 39.04.370Contract requirementsOff-site prefabricated itemsSubmission of information.
HTMLPDF 39.04.380Nonresident contractors.
HTMLPDF 39.04.400Repair or replacement of structurally deficient bridges.
HTMLPDF 39.04.410Public works projectsPollinator habitat.
HTMLPDF 39.04.420Signage for 988 national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline.
HTMLPDF 39.04.430Prompt paymentCapital projects advisory review boardReviewRecommendations.
HTMLPDF 39.04.440Prompt paymentCapital projects advisory review boardConsiderations.
HTMLPDF 39.04.900Rights may not be waivedConstruction1992 c 223.
HTMLPDF 39.04.901Application1992 c 223.


Buildings, earthquake standards for construction: Chapter 70.86 RCW.
Counties, purchasing departments, competitive bids: RCW 36.32.235 through 36.32.270.
County road equipment and materials: RCW 36.82.100 through 36.82.120.
County roads and bridgesPlans, approval, bids, etc.: Chapter 36.77 RCW.
Liens for labor, materials, taxes on public works: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
MunicipalitiesEnergy audits and efficiency: RCW 43.19.691.
Port district contracts: Chapter 53.08 RCW.
Public buildings, provision to be made for aged and individuals with disabilities: Chapter 70.92 RCW.
Second-class city or town, public contracts: RCW 35.23.352.
State highway construction and maintenance: Chapter 47.28 RCW.
Suppression of competitive bidding on public works, penalty: RCW 9.18.120 through 9.18.150.
Traffic control at worksites: RCW 47.36.200.
Workers' compensation law applicable to contracts for public works: RCW 51.12.050, 51.12.070.