How to comment on a bill
The Legislature has implemented a system designed to allow the public to send comments about bills to their legislators.

If you know the bill number

Go to the Bill Information page, enter the bill number in the Search by Bill Number field, then click Search.

Search by bill screen shot

The applicable Bill Summary Page appears. Click the Comment on this bill button to the right of the bill number, then complete the comment form.

Bill summary screen shot
Go to the Bill Information Page
If you don't know the bill number

Click the Subject radio button to view a list of categories. Navigate to the category that is closest to your bill's topic, then click Search.

Bills by topic screen shot.

Bills that are assigned to the selected category are listed within each topic.

Click the bill hyperlink to access the Bill Summary Page and view the information about the bill. If the link is bold-faced, the bill was passed into law.

Bills by topic results.
Go to the Bills By Topic Page
Accessing Bill Comments From Other Reports

You may also access the Bill Summary Page from other legislative reports and pages. For instance, if you run a Bills by Sponsor or Bills In and Out of Committee report, click the bill number link to open the Bill Summary Page for any given bill.

Bills by sponsor screen shot.