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Information regarding definitions of terms and column headings used in the far.

Calendar Types

Regular Calendar (Senate)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Floor Calendar (House)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Dispute Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers don’t agree
Concurrence Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers agree
Concurrence/Dispute Calendar (House)
Combined lists of bills in which the chambers either agree or don’t agree
Conference Calendar (House/Senate)
When House/Senate can’t come to an agreement a conference committee is created to resolve the issue. This calendar contains the bills considered by the Conference Committee.
Gubernatorial Calendar (Senate)
List of gubernatorial appointments
Suspension Calendar (House)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Consent Calendar (Senate)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Order of Consideration (House/Senate)
List of bills shown in the order that they are considered on the House/Senate floor

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols
Abbreviation Description
a Amended
$ Appropriations bill
f State fiscal note
d Department sponsor
e Governor sponsor
b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee (JLARC) sponsor
o Other sponsor
# Local fiscal note
c Companion bill
A (next to bill #) Floor amendment
C (next to bill #) Committee amendment

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR
Calendar for current bills
The calendar that contains the bill currently being debated on the Floor (this may not reflect today’s date, as calendars can be reused for multiple days)
Selected calendar
The calendar you selected to view from the FAR
Current Chamber Activity
House/Senate Display Boards, the bill currently on the floor, and the bill to be discussed next (if it has been specified)
Current working calendars
The active version of all calendars for the current day
Previous Calendars
Calendars that were previously displayed in the FAR


This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
Added to List
Date that a bill was added to the Floor Activity Report
Special notations about a bill (see legend)
Applicable reading of the bill:
1st reading: Bill Introduction
2nd reading: Floor discussion
3rd reading: Floor vote on final passage
NOTE: 2nd and 3rd readings may be combined for a bill
Description of the bill
Chair=Chair of the committee to which the bill is introduced; Sponsor=Prime sponsor of bill
In the Senate, this refers to which page in the printed calendar the bill report appears.
Floor Action
How the chamber voted on the bill—click the link to view the roll call
Action Date
Date roll call was taken on the bill
Committee Info
Abbreviated actions taken by a committee e.g., CB DPS11 means that a substitute of the bill (DPS) was passed by eleven members of the Capital Budget (CB) committee
Go to Help with Abbreviations to view descriptions of other legislative acronyms, such as committees, sponsors, and bill versions.
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Your selected calendar
Regular Calendar for 3/5/2014
Yellow sheet
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CO* Note Vote Amd Bill No. Flag Rdg Description Chair/Sponsor Page Floor Action Action Date
0VoteAESSB 5851f 3rdDefined contribution planHill/Bailey2
0VoteASB 6151f # 2ndCultural access authoritiesHill/Hill5
0VoteCESHB 1950f # 2ndHydroelectric generationEricksen/ENVI(Haler)8
0VoteASB 6102f 2ndConnecting Washington acctHill/King10
0VoteSB 6327f # 2ndParenting progrm/correctionsO'Ban/Darneille12
0VoteSB 6397f c2ndLEOFF restrictionsHill/Liias13
0VoteASB 6430f # c2ndHigh-tech R&D tax prefsBraun/Liias20
0VoteASB 6478f 2ndForest & fish program fundsHill/Hill25
0VoteSB 6571f 2ndRemote seller tax/ed fundingHill/Hill28
0VoteESHB 1840f # 2ndFirearms/restraining ordersPadden/JUDI(Goodman)29
0VoteCESHB 2164f # 2ndJuvenile firearm offendersO'Ban/JUDI(Orwall)33
0VoteHB 1360f # 2ndIndustrial land banksRoach/Wylie,Harris36
0VoteEHB 1013c2ndCounty legislative meetingsRoach/Appleton,Seaquist39
0VoteAESHB 2160f 2ndPhysical therapistsBecker/HCW(Jinkins)40
0VoteA CSHB 2371f 2ndGrocery store beer salesHolmquist Newbry/OVER(Vick)42
0VoteHB 1724f # 2ndStatements by juvenilesO'Ban/Roberts,Kagi44
0VoteASHB 27242ndArchaeological resource infoRoach/CDHT(Ortiz-Self)45
0VoteA CEHB 1224f # c2ndVoluntary planning under GMARoach/Kretz,Takko47
0VoteAESHB 2023f 2ndSecurities/crowdfundingAngel / Hobbs/BFS(Habib)50
0VoteA CE2SHB 1129f # 2ndFerry vessel replacementKing / Eide/TR (Morris)55
0VoteA CESHB 1294f 2ndFlame retardantsEricksen/ENVI(Van De Wege)57
0VoteHB 2225f c2ndMilwaukee Road corridorPearson/Manweller,Senn62
0VoteEHB 26182ndCode city public worksRoach/Gregerson,Ryu63
0VoteCSHB 2135f 2ndProtection product guaranteeAngel / Hobbs/BFS(Parker)65
0VoteHB 12642ndFire district mergersRoach/Haigh,Chandler67
0VoteA CSHB 2175f # 2ndTelecommunications industryEricksen/TED(Morris)69
0VoteASB 5887f # 2ndMedical use of cannabisHolmquist Newbry/Rivers71
0VoteCSHB 2613f 2ndHigher ed efficienciesBailey/HE(Gregerson)78
0VoteHB 27762ndCivil liberties ed programLitzow/Santos,Pettigrew81
0VoteCESHB 2315f 2ndSuicide preventionBecker/HCW(Orwall)82
0VoteAEHB 2442f # c2ndElectr salary & wage paymentRoach/Moscoso,Robinson85
0VoteAHB 24732ndLegislative service/leaveHolmquist Newbry/Liias,Rodne86
0VoteHB 20992ndTimber purchase reportingPearson/Vick,Blake89
0VoteA CSHB 1298f # 2ndSunshine committeeRoach/GOE(Springer)92
0VoteEHB 2351f c2ndHealth care/volunteersBecker/Tarleton,Harris99
0VoteCHB 2386c2ndWashington's shorelinePearson/Van De Wege,Appleton100
0VoteA C2SHB 2457a d f # 2ndDerelict & abandoned vesselsPearson/APP(Hansen)102
0VoteESHB 2246f # 2ndMercury-containing lightsEricksen/ENVI(Hunt, S.)106
0VoteCE2SHB 2569f # 2ndDiesel emissions pollutionEricksen/APPG(Hargrove)114
0VoteSHB 22292ndState tourism marketing progBraun/CDHT(Morris)119
0VoteHB 2398f 2ndCommunity college degreesBailey/Walkinshaw,Haler125
0VoteC2SHB 26272ndChemical dependencyO'Ban/APPH(Roberts)126
0VoteCSHB 21652ndEarly learning/fatalitiesO'Ban/ELHS(Kagi)128
0VoteSHB 1669f 2ndHigher ed/self-supportingBailey/HE(Pollet)131
0VoteSHB 2310f 2ndProvider safety equipmentBecker/HCW(Riccelli)133
0Vote2ESHB 1448f 2ndTelemedicineBecker/HCW(Bergquist)135
0VoteSHB 1171f # 2ndPretrial release programsPadden/PS(Hurst)141
0VoteHB 2741f # c2ndInitial vehicle registrationKing / Eide/Orcutt,Clibborn142
0VoteASB 6542f 2ndCannabis industry committeeHolmquist Newbry/Kohl-Welles143
0VoteCESHB 25462ndHigher education provisionsBailey/HE(Reykdal)145
0VoteHB 1486f # c2ndFire protection authoritiesRoach/Fitzgibbon,Stanford147
0VoteASHB 2373f 2ndHomeless student ed outcomesLitzow/APPE(Parker)149
0VoteCSHB 26122ndOpportunity scholarshipBailey/APPE(Hansen)151
0VoteHB 2208f # c2ndHeavy civil constructionRoach/Haigh,Buys3148-1-0-03/5
0VoteHB 25832ndCharter school CEOsLitzow/Dahlquist61
0VoteASB 6220f 2ndRetailers selling for resaleHolmquist Newbry/Braun15
0VoteESHB 22982ndCapital projects/tech infra.Roach/LG(Pike)8848-0-0-13/5
0VoteHB 27442ndVeteran-owned businessesHolmquist Newbry/Hunt, G.,Appleton9048-0-0-13/5
0VoteHB 2137f c2ndCommercial motor vehiclesKing / Eide/Johnson,Moscoso9745-2-0-23/5
0VoteE2SHB 2192f 2ndState agency permittingBraun/APP(Smith)11248-0-0-13/5
0VoteSHB 2105f # 2ndGovt agency meeting agendasRoach/GOE(Hawkins)11341-6-1-13/5
0VoteCSHB 2146f 2ndL&I appeal bondsHolmquist Newbry/LWD(Condotta)11749-0-0-03/5
0VoteSHB 1841f 2ndElectr. competitive biddingRoach/CB (Stonier)5449-0-0-03/5
0VoteESHB 1090f # 2ndDock constructionPearson/LG(Shea)13849-0-0-03/5
0VoteHB 17852ndState resources/de minimisRoach/Hunt, S.,Kristiansen3848-1-0-03/5
0VoteESHB 16432ndEnergy conservationEricksen/TED(Fey)12149-0-0-03/5
0VoteSHB 2080f # 2ndTribal fishing/convictionsPadden/CDHT(Sawyer)11049-0-0-03/5
0VoteSHB 17422ndSales of growlers of wineHolmquist Newbry/OVER(Wylie)6043-6-0-03/5
0VoteASHB 17912ndTraffickingPadden/PS(Parker)13949-0-0-03/5
0VoteAESSB 6472f # c2ndTax/recreation services, etcHill/Hill2337-12-0-03/5
0VoteCEHB 2108f 2ndHearing instrument fittersBecker/Ross,Moeller12345-4-0-03/5
0VoteAE2SSB 6249f # c2ndIndigent defense/cost recvryPadden/Dammeier1734-14-0-13/5
* CO = Calendar Order. This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
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