Topical Index

Artificial water bodies, excluding from "shorelines" for SMA purposes: SB 5392
Dredged materials, disposal of, at site used for federal navigation channel projects/activities site: HB 1193, SB 5125
Fish habitat and passage projects, public, substantial development permit requirements exemption: SB 5207, SB 5381, * SSB 5381, CH 289 (2021)
Marine shoreline stabilization/armoring, replacing, options and requirements for: SB 5273, * SSB 5273, CH 279 (2021)
Master programs, county and city schedule for reviews/revisions, extending periodic deadlines: HB 1241, ESHB 1241, SB 5368
Mitigation, compensatory, and mitigation hierarchy and net ecological gain: HB 1117, SHB 1117, E2SHB 1117
Navigation channel maintenance/improvements on Columbia river, by U.S. army corps of engineers, requirements exemption, when: * SHB 1193, CH 299 (2021), SSB 5125
Navigation channel maintenance/improvements, federal, permit/review requirements, removing various: HB 1193, SB 5125
Ports, public, activities undertaken by, exemption from permitting, when: HB 1436
Project permitting and review processes, for local projects, developing options for streamlining: SSB 5380
Salmon/anadromous fish, recovery of, supporting through SMA planning revisions: HB 1117, SHB 1117, E2SHB 1117
Shoreline master programs and GMA comprehensive plans, review/revision schedules coordination: HB 1241, ESHB 1241, SB 5368
Shoreline master programs, guidelines for, addressing sea level rise/increasing storm severity: HB 1099, SHB 1099, E2SHB 1099