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               (See also COMPUTERS; IDENTIFICATION)
Automated decision systems, development/procurement/use by public agencies, requirements/prohibitions: SB 5116, SSB 5116
Consumer debt, personal property exemption from execution/attachment/garnishment, when: HB 1447, * HB 1525, CH 50 (2021)
Digital electronic products, right-to-repair requirements for manufacturers of: HB 1212
Facial recognition technology, agency obtaining or use of, prohibiting: SB 5104
Online marketplaces, high-volume third-party sellers on, requirements: HB 1543
Personal data, businesses controlling/processing, Washington privacy act: SB 5062, SSB 5062, 2SSB 5062
Personal data, making sales of/exchanging for consideration, persons engaged in business of, B&O tax on: HB 1303
Personal information, captured biometric, people's privacy act provisions concerning: HB 1433
Personal information, captured, processing by business entities, individual's rights and opt-in consent for: HB 1433
Personal information, captured, processing by business entities, people's privacy act concerning: HB 1433
Price increases, excessive/unjustified during state of emergency, prohibiting: SB 5191, ESSB 5191
Telephone solicitations, commercial, requirements for, modifying: HB 1497
Vulnerable populations, protections for, via consumer protection improvement act: SB 5025, * SSB 5025, CH 228 (2021)