Topical Index

Booth renters, at salon/shop licenseholder's premises, coverage for: SB 5326
Claims, closure of, self-insured employer communication of: HB 1682, SHB 1682
Employer-employee relationship, under wage and compensation laws: HB 1515, HB 1601, SB 5513, SB 5690
Farm internship pilot project, special risk class for interns: SHB 2136
Hanford nuclear site, workers, occupational disease presumption for cancer: * HB 1490, CH 108 (2019), SB 5507
Industrial insurance, claim records, confidentiality and employer review: HB 1909, * SHB 1909, CH 34 (2019), SB 5844, SSB 5844
Industrial insurance, collaborative work group, appointing: SB 5474
Industrial insurance, employee classification, work group on, establishing: SHB 1515
Industrial insurance, employee fair classification act, creating: HB 1515, HB 1601, SB 5513, SB 5690
Industrial insurance, employer penalties, increasing various: HB 2409
Industrial insurance, freight broker/forwarder with agreement with carrier: HB 1961, ESB 5765
Industrial insurance, medical examinations for: HB 2689, SB 6440
Industrial insurance, musculoskeletal disorders, provider best practices for: HB 2646
Industrial insurance, self-insurers, various provisions: HB 1682, SHB 1682, HB 2409, SB 5474, * SSB 5474, CH 190 (2019), SB 6373
Industrial insurance, staffing agency employee-related claims, reviewing: SB 6122
Industrial insurance, structured settlement agreements: SB 6372
Industrial insurance, task force on choice and competition, establishing: HB 2025
Industrial insurance, third-party administrators, licensing: HB 2409
Industrial insurance, three-day waiting period for, eliminating: SB 6552
Industrial insurance, three-day waiting period for, exception, modifying: SSB 6552
Industrial insurance, truck owner-operator with agreement with carrier: SSB 5765
Industrial insurance, wage replacement, impact on shared leave: HB 2304
Industrial insurance, wages and lost earning capacity of workers: HB 1492, SB 5217
Occupational disease presumptions, advisory committee on, creating: * HB 1913, CH 133 (2019), SB 5849
Occupational disease presumptions, various conditions and professions: * HB 1913, CH 133 (2019), SB 5849
Occupational diseases, post-traumatic stress disorder, 911 dispatch personnel: HB 2758
Vocational rehabilitation, injured worker referred for, tax credits for hiring: SB 6564