Topical Index

Car wash facilities, commercial, sales and use tax exemptions to support: HB 1115
Chlorpyrifos-containing pesticides, control measures to reduce emissions: * E2SSB 6518 (2020) V
Control facilities, opioid pollution reduction permits for: SB 5657
Drinking water, lead in school systems/outlets: HB 1860, SHB 1860, E2SHB 1860
Environmental health statutes, reorganizing into new title: HB 2246, * SHB 2246, CH 20 (2020)
Health-affecting emerging contaminants, in public water systems: HB 1831
Mining, motorized or gravity siphon aquatic, discharges from, prohibitions: HB 1261, * ESHB 1261, CH 10 (2020), SB 5322, ESSB 5322, SB 6149
Motor vehicle leaks, don't drip and drive program, statewide, developing: HB 1853, SHB 1853, 2SHB 1853
NPDES permit issuance, imidacloprid in shellfish beds: HB 1611, SB 5626
Oil/gas drilling, surface, in outer coastal waters, prohibiting: SB 6432
Oil/gas from outer continental shelf, infrastructure to handle, prohibition, when: ESSB 6432
On-site wastewater treatment systems designers, license, out-of-state applicant: SB 6465
Paint for boats, copper-based antifouling, alternatives to, reviewing: * SSB 6210, CH 67 (2020)
Paint for boats, copper-containing antifouling, sale/use prohibitions: HB 2385, SB 6210, * SSB 6210, CH 67 (2020)
Paint for boats, cybutryne-containing antifouling, sale/use prohibitions: HB 2385, SB 6210, * SSB 6210, CH 67 (2020)
PFAS chemicals, in water utility water supply beneath underground injection well: SB 6619
PFAS substances, chromium 6, and 1,4 dioxane, in public water systems: SB 6342
PFAS substances, in public water systems: SSB 6342, 2SSB 6342
Plastic pollution prevention, marine, requesting action via new trade agreements with China: SJM 8009
Reclaimed water, on-site treated nonpotable systems, standards: HB 1747, ESHB 1747
Stormwater pollution, reducing, model toxics control program funding for: SB 5993, * ESSB 5993, CH 422 (2019)
Stormwater pollution, reducing, water infrastructure program role: HB 1889, SB 5136, SB 6345
Stormwater, construction general permit, permit applicant under, electronic notice: SB 6635
Stormwater, runoff on state highways, funds use plans for reducing: HB 2125, * SB 5505, CH 435 (2019)
Underground injection wells, above utility groundwater source, requirements, when: SB 6619
Waste discharge, from campers/RVs into Puget Sound, general permit: SB 6283
Wastewater discharge, from campers/RVs, illicit discharge prevention: HB 2507
Wastewater discharge, from campers/RVs, using city/county fees to prevent: HB 2507
Wastewater treatment, opioid pollution reduction permits: SB 5657
Wastewater/sewage, discharges into Puget Sound, compensation schedule: HB 2275
Water quality certification, decisions and rule making: HB 1029