Topical Index

Debt, employer owing to deceased employee, payment of: * SB 5831, CH 89 (2019)
Employee classification, work group on, establishing: SHB 1515
Employees of retail liquor licensees, on-duty for compensation purposes: SB 6035, SSB 6035
Employees, employee fair classification act, creating: HB 1515, HB 1601, SB 5513, SB 5690
Employees, rest and meal periods, variance from: SB 5374
Employer-employee relationship, under wage and compensation laws: HB 1515, HB 1601, SB 5513, SB 5690
Excess compensation tax, imposing: SB 6017
Health care facilities, certain employees, meal and rest breaks and overtime: HB 1155, * SHB 1155, CH 296 (2019), HB 2181, SB 5190, SSB 5190, SB 5373, SB 6018
Health care facilities, certain employees, on prescheduled on-call: HB 2181, SB 5344, SSB 5344, SB 5373, SB 6018
Hours worked on computer, for state agency services contracts, verifying: HB 1744, SB 5809
Hours, thirty-two-hour workweek, time-and-a-half compensation beyond: SB 6516
Liens, wage liens for wage claims on property, comprehensive provisions: HB 1514, SHB 1514, 2SHB 1514, SB 6053, SSB 6053
Lieutenant governor, performing duties of governor, payment for: SB 5797
Overtime, by correctional officers: HB 1345, SHB 1345, SB 5200
Overtime, voluntary classification as overtime-exempt, certain employees: SB 6548
Public employee salaries/wages, inflationary increase in state budget outlook: SB 5963, SSB 5963
Railroad yardmasters, hours of service and rest periods: HB 1842, SB 5878
Scheduling, food service, hospitality, and retail establishment workers: HB 1491, SHB 1491, SB 5717, SSB 5717
School employees, leave accumulation maximum amount: HB 1409, SB 5414
School employees, paid sick leave for, staffing funding allocations to support: HB 2084
Wage boards, for nonemployee workers, convening: HB 1601
Wage or salary history, prospective employee's, employer inquiries: HB 1696, * ESHB 1696, CH 345 (2019), SB 5090, SSB 5090
Wage scale or salary range for job title, employer to provide: HB 1696, * ESHB 1696, CH 345 (2019)
Wages and benefits, direct contractor liability for payment: HB 1395, SHB 1395, SB 5565
Wages, certain charges imposed on, revenue use, constitutional amendment: SJR 8211
Wages, federal government failure to fund, employee "unemployed" due to: SB 5716
Wages, for domestic workers, hiring entity requirements: HB 2511, SB 6247
Wages, freelancers, payment of wages and interest to: SB 6276
Wages, laws or rules, basing on median hourly wage in each county: HB 2404, SB 6602
Wages, legal guardian/custodian of minor victim of crime, receiving lost wages: SSB 6181, * 2SSB 6181, CH 308 (2020)
Wages, minimum, for persons under independent personal labor contracts: SB 5987
Wages, new employee training period wages, restaurants paying, certificate for: SB 6377
Wages, new hourly employee training period wages, employer certificate for: HB 2958
Wages, parent of minor victim of crime, lost wages, victim benefits eligibility: SB 6200
Wages, parent of minor victim of crime, receiving lost wages, when: SB 6181
Wages, payment of, governmental employers requiring working without: SB 5707
Wages, special purpose district governing body member compensation: SB 6046
Wages, subminimum, certificates for persons with disabilities for, eliminating: * EHB 1706, CH 374 (2019), SB 5753
Wages, thirty-two-hour workweek, time-and-a-half compensation beyond: SB 6516
Wages, vested vacation time/paid time off as, payment at end of employment: HB 2171, SHB 2171, 2SHB 2171
Wages, violations, failure to pay earned commission: * HB 2474, CH 84 (2020)
Wages/compensation, certain charges, revenue use, constitutional amendment: SSJR 8211
Whistleblower qui tam actions on behalf of state: HB 1965, SHB 1965, 2SHB 1965
Workers' boards, for nonemployee workers, convening: SB 5690