Topical Index

Amtrak 501 derailment report, confirmation of DOT compliance with, requiring: SB 6321
Aviation division, director to be unpiloted aircraft system coordinator: HB 2836, SHB 2836
Aviation division, planning/training/functioning as DOT's air operations branch: HB 2766, SB 6471
Budget projects, before including in authorization, evaluating, DOT role: HB 2688, SB 6398
Community aviation revitalization board, DOT to convene: SB 5011, SSB 5011
Contracting, building materials, environmental product declarations for: SHB 2744
Contracting, domestic labor law compliance declarations: SHB 2744
Cotton, Keith, public transportation division, honoring and remembering: * SR 8675 (2020)
Equal opportunity, DOT's office of, small business enterprise enforceable goals program: * ESHB 2161, CH 431 (2019)
Fish passage barriers, removal projects, DOT role: HB 2503, HB 2913, HB 2914
Highway sweeping program, statewide volunteer, establishing, DOT role: SB 6650
Litter control, highway-focused, DOT program and funding: SB 5093
Litter control, highway-focused, funding: SSB 5093, 2SSB 5093
Megaprojects, reporting by DOT: HB 1321
Park and ride lots, DOT, fees for parking in: SB 5673
Passenger-only service between Olympia and Seattle, feasibility study: SB 5157
Pavement condition, preservation rating information for highways, DOT role: * HB 2038, CH 36 (2019)
Projects of statewide significance, transportation, designation as, DOT role: HB 1994, * ESHB 1994, CH 137 (2019), SB 5847, SSB 5847
Railroads, investigations/inspections, UTC information sharing/disclosure with DOT: SHB 2439
State facilities, leasing to regional transit authorities and other entities by DOT: SSB 6606
State-owned land/property, underutilized, inventory of, DOT role: HB 2774, EHB 2896
Surplus DOT property, former owner right of repurchase: HB 1473