Topical Index

Advisory votes on tax legislation, modifying requirements: HB 2333
Advisory votes on tax legislation, removing from statutes: SB 5224, SB 6610, SSB 6610
Alaskan Way viaduct replacement project, Seattle taxing authority: HB 1809
Business taxes, multiple, city/town imposition citing same statutory authority, prohibiting: SB 6194
Districts, local taxation, rates disclosure: SB 5024, ESSB 5024
Employee wages, hours, or positions, city/town imposing tax based on, prohibiting: SB 5589
Expenditures, discretionary tax expenditure budget, operating budget to include: HB 1703
Expenditures, renaming "preferences" as: HB 1703
Harbor maintenance tax, federal, requesting that congress reform: SJM 8016
Health security trust, repealing certain tax provisions with creation of: HB 1104
Income tax returns, presidential and vice presidential candidate disclosure: SB 5078
Income tax returns, presidential candidate disclosure before primary: HB 1698
Income tax, individual or household, local, prohibiting: HB 1588, SB 6462
Income tax, levy by city, county, or city-county, prohibiting: HB 2479, SB 6462
Income tax, local, personal or business, eliminating prohibition: SB 5928
Income tax, state or local, prohibiting imposition of: SB 6702
Increases, tax increase legislation, two-thirds majority for approval: HJR 4206
Local governments' revenue capacity, studying: HB 1008, SHB 1008
Local tax revenues/resources, existing, supplanting of and flexibility with: HB 1718
Payments, deficient or excess, interest computation periods, revising: HB 2867
Puget Sound taxpayer accountability account, using for education outcomes: HB 1791, SHB 1791, SB 5851, * SSB 5851, CH 196 (2019)
Rates and taxes, by taxing district, online searchable database of: SB 5631
Revenue, department of, renaming as department of taxation: SB 5925
Revenue, state revenue reform legislative task force, creating: SB 5541
Tax court, authorizing: SJR 8205
Tax court, state, establishing: SB 5632
Tax liens, federal, documents exemption from recording surcharges: * HB 1980, CH 136 (2019), SB 5898, SSB 5898
Tax structure work group, reauthorizing and expanding: HB 2117, SHB 2117, 2SHB 2117, HB 2157, SHB 2157, 2SHB 2157, SB 5973
Tracking technology, using to collect data to determine taxes/fees, constitutional amendment to prohibit: HJR 4214
Tracking technology, using to collect data to determine taxes/fees, prohibiting: HB 2854
Utilities, city/town, taxes/fees imposed on, billing statement disclosure of: HB 2889
Utilities, city/town, taxes/fees imposed on, disclosure to customers of: * SHB 2889, CH 135 (2020)
Utilities, municipal, surplus property disposal at low/no cost, as a lawful tax: EHB 2896