Topical Index

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Early learning, basic education program of, OSPI role in establishing: SB 5757
Equity and cultural competency, center for, establishing in OSPI: HB 1914, SB 5908
Ethnic studies, requirements and advisory committee, OSPI role: HB 1314, SHB 1314, SB 5023, * SSB 5023, CH 279 (2019)
Graduation, pathway options, OSPI role: * E2SHB 1599, CH 252 (2019)
Heritage language grant program, OSPI role: HB 1322, SB 5607
High school STEM literacy and high technology assessment, advisory board: HB 1599, SHB 1599
High school trade skills aptitude assessment, advisory board: HB 1599, SHB 1599
K-12 dual language grant program, OSPI role: HB 1322, SB 5607
Learning assistance program, panel of expert concerning best practices: HB 1182, SHB 1182
Local revenue, district supplemental expenditure schedules for, OSPI role: SB 6021
Meal programs, free or reduced-price, OSPI role: HB 1685, HB 1892
Meals, lunch period duration, demonstration sites and grants, OSPI role: HB 1272, SHB 1272, 2SHB 1272
Principal internship support program, modifying administration of, OSPI role: * E2SHB 1139, CH 295 (2019) PV
Public speaking and leadership, pilot project grant program, OSPI role: HB 1475
Safety, system of school safety supports, OSPI role: HB 1216, SHB 1216, * 2SHB 1216, CH 333 (2019), SB 5317, SSB 5317, 2SSB 5317
School resource officers, OSPI role: SB 5052
Spanish language arts standards, OSPI role: HB 1468, SHB 1468, SB 5070
Special education, demonstration projects and advisory group, OSPI role: HB 1454, SHB 1454
Special education, service models description and IEP meetings handout: SB 5262
Transgender students, policy and procedure, OSPI role: SB 5689, * SSB 5689, CH 194 (2019)