Topical Index

Aerospace technology innovation, joint center, extending: HB 2721, SHB 2721, SB 6139, SSB 6139, * 2SSB 6139, CH 306 (2020)
Aerospace technology innovation, joint center, nondiscrimination policy: SHB 2721, SSB 6139, * 2SSB 6139, CH 306 (2020)
Agricultural products, manufacturers of, supply chain disclosures by: SB 5693
Bioeconomy, Washington state's, opportunities to further develop, studying: HB 2611, SHB 2611, SB 6435
Blockchain technology, Washington blockchain work group, establishing: HB 2604, SB 6065, * SSB 6065 (2020) V
Decision systems, automated, agency development, procurement, and use of: HB 1655, SB 5527
Decision systems, automated, state agency development, procurement, and use: SHB 1655
Facial recognition technology, agency obtaining or use of, prohibiting: HB 2856, SHB 2856
Facial recognition technology, government use, restrictions: HB 1654, SHB 1654, SB 5528
Facial recognition technology, using to establish probable cause, restrictions: 2SHB 1654
Hydroelectric generation, oil-free turbine technology, sales/use tax exemptions: HB 2825, ESHB 2825
Manufacturing and warehousing job centers account, creating: * EHB 1948 (2020) V, SB 5862, SSB 5862
Manufacturing B&O tax rate, lowering ceiling of: SB 5608
Manufacturing facilities, asbestos-containing building material requirements for: SB 6473, * ESSB 6473, CH 100 (2020)
Manufacturing, advisory committee, department of commerce to meet with: ESHB 2879
Manufacturing, legislative work group on, and advisory group, establishing: HB 2879
Manufacturing, public policies for growth, studying: ESHB 2879
Patents, manufacturing utilizing, B&O tax credit: HB 1981
Rural manufacturers, various, B&O tax rate relief for: HB 1249, HB 1348, SHB 1348
Spacecraft, advanced, manufacturing R and D and companies, tax preferences: HB 2665
Video games, casino-style, impact on consumers, studying: SB 6689
Video games, casino-style, randomized rewards/no confirmation step, prohibitions/requirements: SB 6689
Video games, microtransactions and loot box design, effect on players, studying: HB 2839
Video games, with randomized reward-/virtual item-purchasing system, prohibitions/requirements: HB 2839
Voice recognition feature, connected device with, disclosure and consent: HB 2399
Women in Cloud initiative, recognizing: * HR 4668 (2020), * SR 8602 (2019), * SR 8697 (2020)