Topical Index

Affordable housing, on religious organization property, JLARC review: * SHB 1377, CH 218 (2019), SSB 5358
Ambulatory surgical facilities regulatory program, JLARC performance audit: SB 5906
Clean fuels program, JLARC to analyze program: HB 1110, SHB 1110, E2SHB 1110, SB 5412
Commercial office space, tax incentives for developing, JLARC to study: HB 1746, * SHB 1746, CH 273 (2019)
Community residential service businesses, public utility tax on, JLARC review: SB 5990
Corrections, department of, data systems of, JLARC to study: SB 6308
Corrections, department of, information technology/records related units at, JLARC to audit: SB 6298
Corrections, department of, medical and health related units of, JLARC to audit: SB 6298
Electric utility on-bill repayment programs, efficacy of: SHB 1642
Employees of JLARC, collective bargaining rights: HB 1452, SHB 1452, SB 5691
Firearm background checks, single/full point of contact system, feasibility: HB 1949
First responder building mapping information system, school use, studying: HB 1216, SHB 1216, * 2SHB 1216, CH 333 (2019), SB 5317, SSB 5317, 2SSB 5317
Greenhouse gas reductions, impact of, JLARC to analyze, when: HB 1113, SHB 1113
Homeless assistance, data/data collection systems for, JLARC to study: SB 6647
Housing, low-income development costs, JLARC's report analyzing: SB 5361
Local revitalization financing, state contribution, JLARC to study effectiveness of: ESHB 2804
Long-term services and supports trust commission, JLARC to audit and review: SSB 5331
Long-term services and supports trust commission, JLARC to report on: SHB 1087
Marbled murrelet, long-term conservation strategy, impacts of, JLARC review: HB 1546, SB 5547
Military benefit zone financing, impact analysis: SSB 5571
Partnership access line for moms and kids, pilot program, JLARC review of: HB 2728
Partnership access lines for providers/moms/kids, JLARC review of: * SHB 2728, CH 291 (2020)
Performance-based contracting services program, JLARC to review: SB 5308, SSB 5308, 2SSB 5308
Psychiatric call center, JLARC to review: * SHB 2728, CH 291 (2020)
Public works, small works roster and limited public works, review of: HB 1202
Rural college promise program, JLARC evaluation of effectiveness: SB 6614
School district employees, part-time, number/type/SEBB eligibility of, studying: * ESSB 6189, CH 8 (2020)
School districts, statewide reorganization plan, review of: SB 5269
Spending programs, new statutory state, JLARC review of: HB 2150
Tax expenditures, renaming "preferences" as, revised committee provisions: HB 1703
Volunteer opportunities in state government, review of: SB 5265
Wildfire prevention/preparedness, surcharge for, JLARC to report on: HB 2413
Wildfire prevention/suppression, additional insurer tax for, JLARC to report on: SB 5996
Wildfire prevention/suppression, surcharge for, JLARC to report on: SSB 5996