Topical Index

Animal in vehicle, preventing cruelty by removing, officer liability for: SB 6151
Animals, police, harming, class B felony when animal killed: SB 5614, ESSB 5614
Behavioral health needs, criminal justice system-involved persons with, grant program: HB 1767, SHB 1767, * 2SHB 1767, CH 378 (2019)
Behavioral health needs, of officers, task force, pilot projects, and grants: SB 6570
Charitable solicitations in public roadway, by law enforcement personnel, when: HB 2911
Colleges, community and technical, agency assistance with security: SB 5150
Colleges, community and technical, officer assignment to, agreements: SSB 5150
Courthouses/facilities, law enforcement actions at, prohibitions/exceptions: HB 2567, SHB 2567, SB 6522
Deadly force, amending and adding to I-940 as passed by the people: HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019), SB 5029
Deadly force, police use of, central repository of information, establishing: HB 2789, SHB 2789, SB 6527, SSB 6527
Deadly force, repealing I-940 to and passed by legislature and ESHB 3003 (2018): HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019)
Deadly force, repealing I-940 to legislature and ESHB 3003 (2018): SB 5029
Derelict vessel removal program, local agency enforcement role and grants: HB 2769, SHB 2769, SB 6528, SSB 6528, 2SSB 6528
Disability, person with, Travis alert outreach demonstration campaign: HB 2884
Diversity, professional development outreach grant program, developing: HB 2539
Domestic violence, law enforcement response: HB 1225, * SHB 1225, CH 367 (2019), SB 5143, SSB 5143
Domestic violence, traumatic brain injuries risk, officer training to include: * ESB 5573 (2019) V
Eyewitness evidence, law enforcement maximizing of reliability, work group: HB 1970, SB 5714, * SSB 5714, CH 359 (2019)
Facial recognition technology, agency obtaining or use of, prohibiting: HB 2856, SHB 2856
Facial recognition technology, agency procurement or use, requirements: HB 2761
Facial recognition technology, using to establish probable cause, restrictions: 2SHB 1654
Firearms, concealed pistol licenses, process for renewal by agencies: * HB 1934, CH 135 (2019)
Firearms, forfeited, agency disposing of: HB 1671
Firearms, seizing of, removing authority for, when: SB 6673
Firearms, semiautomatic assault rifle sale/transfer, officer training exemption: HB 1511, HB 2202
Firearms, surrender to and return of by law enforcement, removing various provisions: SB 6673
First aid, officer training in and provision of: HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019), SB 5029
Fish and wildlife officers, collective bargaining: HB 2212, SHB 2212, SSB 5481, E2SSB 5481
Fish and wildlife officers, definition and collective bargaining: HB 1217, SB 5481
Fish and wildlife officers, lawful permanent resident requirement for: HB 2571, ESHB 2571, SB 6071, SSB 6071
Fish and wildlife officers, rank of sergeant, collective bargaining: HB 2037, SHB 2037
Fish and wildlife officers, vessel crewmember licensee identification to show: SB 6485
Homicide, justifiable, law enforcement deadly force use: HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019), SB 5029
Huckleberry buyers, disclosing certain records to law enforcement: HB 2092
Immigration enforcement, cooperation with federal government, requiring: HB 2226, SB 6030
Immigration enforcement, cooperation with federal government, restricting: HB 2567, SHB 2567, SB 6522
Indigenous women and other persons, missing, law enforcement response: SHB 1713, * 2SHB 1713, CH 127 (2019)
License plate recognition systems, automated, law enforcement use: HB 1663, HB 2566, SB 5529
Liquor and cannabis board, marijuana, law enforcement authority of: SHB 1237, 2SHB 1237
Liquor enforcement officers, powers of: HB 1626
Mental disorders, persons with, diversion by police from prosecution: HB 1513, SHB 1513, 2SHB 1513, SB 5444, SSB 5444, * E2SSB 5444, CH 326 (2019)
Missing and unidentified persons, national system, law enforcement use of: EHB 2792
Motorcycles, profiling by law enforcement, prohibiting: HB 1152, SB 6130
Municipal police districts, planning committees, commissions, and plans: HB 1458
Native American women, missing or murdered, law enforcement response: HB 1713
Officers, behavioral health needs of, suicide prevention efforts: SB 6570
Officers, behavioral health needs of, task force, pilot projects, and grants: SB 6570
Officers, certification, polygraph requirement for, provisions: SSB 6148
Officers, certification, polygraph requirement for, removing: SB 6148
Officers, contact information of, disclosure, crime of: HB 2019
Officers, correctional, certification and termination: HB 2499, SHB 2499, 2SHB 2499
Officers, correctional, overtime work by: HB 1345, SHB 1345, SB 5200
Officers, limited authority, traffic infraction notices issuance authority, when: HB 2735
Officers, PERS service credit transfer to LEOFF, when: HB 1297, SB 5355, * SSB 5355, CH 47 (2019)
Officers, semiautomatic assault rifle sale/transfer, safety training exemption: HB 1511, HB 2202
Officers, traffic citations by, considering in assessing performance, prohibiting: SB 6316
Officers, use of force with firearm discharge, reporting: SB 5916
Officers, Washington law enforcement officer health and wellness special license plates: HB 2406, SB 6225
Officers, workers' compensation occupational disease presumptions: * HB 1913, CH 133 (2019), SB 5849
Personnel, critical incident stress management programs, expanding access: HB 2926
Proactive policing grant program, developing and implementing: HB 1501
Property, crimes against, law enforcement grant program, establishing: HB 1280
Railroad grade crossings, clearing for law enforcement vehicles, when: HB 2923, SB 6675
Sanctuary policies for immigrants, prohibiting: HB 2226, SB 6030
School resource officers, agreements, training, and grant program: SB 5052
Sexual assault kits, tracking system, and survivors: HB 1166, SHB 1166, * 2SHB 1166, CH 93 (2019)
Sexual assault kits, unreported kit storage/preservation: HB 2318, ESHB 2318
Sexually exploited children, commercially, protective custody/evaluation facilities: 2SHB 1775, E3SHB 1775, 2SSB 5744
Sheriff's office, Cowlitz county, deputy Justin DeRosier, honoring: * SR 8652 (2019)
Sheriff's office, Kittitas county, deputy Ryan Thompson, honoring: * HR 4630 (2019), * SR 8635 (2019)
Sheriff's office, Pierce county, deputy Daniel McCartney act: SB 5050
Sheriff's office, Snohomish county, cold case team detective James H. Scharf, honoring: * HR 4663 (2020)
Sheriff's offices, vacancies in, filling: HB 1750
Sheriffs, preparation course for person who is not a peace officer: HB 2664
Sheriffs, salaries of, modifying: SB 5268
Sheriffs, training program for newly elected: HB 2664
State patrol, camper/RV near state waters, wastewater discharge risk notice: HB 2507
State patrol, destruction of forfeited firearms by: HB 1010, SHB 1010
State patrol, domestic violence offender registry, WSP role: HB 1080, SB 5244
State patrol, executive protection unit, funding: HB 1021
State patrol, firearm safety training program completion documentation role of: SHB 1315
State patrol, handgun proficiency standards and instructors: HB 1315, SB 5174
State patrol, missing/murdered indigenous persons, liaisons and protocol: SHB 1713, * 2SHB 1713, CH 127 (2019)
State patrol, missing/murdered Native American women liaisons, establishing: HB 1713
State patrol, sexual assault kit forensic analysis role of: HB 1166, SHB 1166, * 2SHB 1166, CH 93 (2019)
State patrol, state firearms background check system, WSP role: HB 2467, SHB 2467, E2SHB 2467
State patrol, state-owned land/property, underutilized, inventory of, WSP role: HB 2774, EHB 2896
Training, basic law enforcement, academy classes minimum number per year: HB 2560
Training, basic law enforcement, commencement date after hiring: HB 1253, SB 5944
Training, eastern WA, basic law enforcement academy pilot project: HB 2538
Training, law enforcement training standards and education board, establishing: HB 2537
Unidentified and missing persons, national system, law enforcement use of: EHB 2792
Universities and TESC, uniformed personnel, interest arbitration: HB 1043, * SB 5022, CH 234 (2019) PV