Topical Index

Act/law/bill, voter-rejected, same-subject legislative enactment prohibitions, constitutional amendment: HJR 4215
B&O tax rates, increase or differential, two-thirds majorities or voter approval, constitutional amendment: SJR 8210
Capital budget, limiting debt proceeds use to capital purposes, constitutional amendment: HJR 4205
Catastrophic incidents, continuity of governmental operations, constitutional amendment: HJR 4200, * SJR 8200 (2019)
Community redevelopment financing, property tax use for, constitutional amendment: HJR 4212
Fee increases, constitutional amendment to require simple majority: HJR 4206
Firearms offenses, possession in violation of court order, pretrial detention, constitutional amendment: HJR 4210
Governor, term limit, constitutional amendment: SJR 8213
Infrastructure bank, Washington state, constitutional amendment to create: SJR 8209
Initiatives, approval, majority vote in each of majority of counties, constitutional amendment: HJR 4202
Initiatives, effective date, subject to county electing not to implement, constitutional amendment: HJR 4204
Law practice and justice, functions regarding, shifting to supreme court: HJR 4207
Legislative session, regular, excluding public holidays from, constitutional amendment: SJR 8203
Legislators, terms of, extending length and staggering, constitutional amendment: HJR 4209, SJR 8217
Legislature, title-only bills, prohibiting, constitutional amendment: SJR 8214
Long-term care services/supports, investing funds, amending constitution: * ESJR 8212 (2020)
Operating budget, balancing in current and next fiscal biennia, constitutional amendment: SJR 8216
Operating budget, state balanced budget requirement, constitutional amendment: HJR 4205, SJR 8207, SJR 8216
Property tax levy, limiting residential real property value subject to, constitutional amendment: SJR 8219
Property tax levy, state, limiting residential real property value subject to, constitutional amendment: HJR 4208
Property tax relief, for residential and commercial properties, with value limits, constitutional amendment: HJR 4211, SJR 8218
Property taxes, homestead exemption from, constitutional amendment to allow: SJR 8208
Public works assistance account, constitutional amendment on deposits and withdrawals: SSJR 8209
Resolutions, memorials, and bills from 2019 regular session, returning to house of origin: * SCR 8409 (2019)
Resolutions, memorials, and bills from 2020 regular session, returning to house of origin: HCR 4404, * SCR 8413 (2020)
Resolutions, memorials, and bills, reintroduction for 2020 regular session: * HCR 4402 (2020)
Right to fish, hunt, and harvest wildlife, not to be infringed, constitutional amendment: SJR 8204
Road usage charges and motor vehicle fuel excise tax, double taxation, constitutional amendment to prohibit: HJR 4213
School district bonds, at least 55% of voters to authorize, constitutional amendment: SJR 8202
School district bonds, simple majority to authorize, constitutional amendment: HB 1184, HJR 4203, SJR 8201, SSJR 8201
Supreme court justices, election by electors of supreme court judicial districts, constitutional amendment: SJR 8215
Supreme court justices, number, election, and terms of, constitutional amendment: HJR 4201
Tax court, authorizing, constitutional amendment: SJR 8205
Tax increase legislation, constitutional amendment to require two-thirds majority: HJR 4206
Tracking technology, using to collect data to determine taxes/fees, constitutional amendment to prohibit: HJR 4214
Vehicle and trailer purchases, sales/use tax revenue highway use, constitutional amendment: SJR 8206
Vehicle miles traveled fee or other charges, for highway purposes, constitutional amendment: SSJR 8206
Wages, certain charges imposed on, revenue use, constitutional amendment: SJR 8211
Wages/compensation, certain charges, revenue use, constitutional amendment: SSJR 8211