Topical Index

Agricultural commodities, suspension of certain tariffs on, requesting: SJM 8011
Banking, Glass-Steagall act separation of investment and commercial, requesting: SJM 8003
Biochar, affirming research efforts to produce: HJM 4000, * SJM 8005 (2019)
Bridges, SR-507 over Skookumchuck river, naming as Regina Clark memorial bridge: HJM 4007, * SHJM 4007 (2019)
China, long-term trade agreement with, requesting work toward: SJM 8011
Election campaign contributions, regulating, U.S. constitutional amendment convention: HJM 4004, SJM 8002
Election contributions, authority to regulate, U.S. constitutional amendment: SJM 8001, SSJM 8001
Federal balanced budget, U.S. constitutional amendment for: HJM 4005, SJM 8004
Immunization, design defect claims against manufacturers, requesting that congress allow: HJM 4010, SJM 8012
Mail service, United States, urging congress to protect: SJM 8000
Marine plastic pollution prevention, requesting action via new trade agreements with China: SJM 8009
Medicare, asking congress to include dental care coverage in: SJM 8010
Memorials, resolutions, and bills from 2019 regular session, returning to house of origin: * SCR 8409 (2019)
Nuclear war, checks and balances to reduce risk, urging congress to establish: HJM 4008, SJM 8006
Puerto Rico, requesting incorporation into U.S. by congress of: HJM 4009
Salmon, international year of the, recognizing 2019 as: HJM 4012
Sea lions, managing through hunting or bounty programs, U.S. constitutional amendment: HJM 4001
Sea lions/pinnipeds, federal permits for lethal taking to limit salmon predation, requesting action for: SJM 8015
State of Liberty, creating from eastern Washington, petitioning congress for consent: HJM 4003
Tobacco and vapor products, sale to persons under 21, federal legislation to prohibit: SJM 8008
U.S. constitutional amendment convention, certain applications for a, rescinding: HJM 4006
U.S. government and congress, limits on, U.S. constitutional amendment convention: HJM 4002, SJM 8007
United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, requesting that congress ratify: HJM 4011, SJM 8013
Upper Skagit watershed, logging and mining in, requesting prevention of: HJM 4013, SJM 8014
Vaccination, design defect claims against manufacturers, requesting that congress allow: HJM 4010, SJM 8012