Topical Index

               (See also PUBLIC DEFENSE, OFFICE)
Assistance, department of commerce data/data collection systems for, studying: SB 6647
Assistance, government spending on, LEAP internet-based portal for: SB 6647
Camping on public property, city or county ordinance restricting, when: HB 2658
Camping on public property, unauthorized, misdemeanor, SHELTER act: SB 6459
Children, homeless, early childhood education and assistance eligibility: HB 1574, SHB 1574, SB 5820
Children, homeless, working connections child care eligibility: HB 1574, SHB 1574, HB 2456, SB 5820, SSB 5820, 2SSB 5820, SB 6351
Discrimination based on housing status, prohibiting: HB 1591
Drugs, illegal, supervised injection sites, city/county ordinance prohibiting: HB 2658
Encampments, camping on public property, ordinance restricting, when: HB 2658
Encampments, camping on public property, unauthorized, SHELTER act: SB 6459
Encampments, establishing near school or early learning facility, prohibiting: SB 5882
Encampments, moving homeless out of, appropriations for: HB 2522, SB 6167
Encampments, safe parking, small houses, and shelters, provisions: HB 1754, ESHB 1754, SB 5644
Encampments, sanctioned camping capacity in local plans: HB 2649
Essential needs and housing support program, provisions: HB 2388, HB 2809, SB 6472, SSB 6472, SB 6495
Facilities for homeless persons, tax revenue use for: * EHB 1219, CH 73 (2019) PV, SB 5195
Gravely disabled persons/minors, as manifesting self-neglect, Ch. 71.05/71.34: SB 6458
Homeless client management information system, use of: HB 1754, ESHB 1754, SB 5644
Homelessness impact grant program, for security/sanitation services, creating: SB 6196
Homelessness, definitions of, standardizing for services access: HB 2388, SHB 2388, SB 6472, SSB 6472
Homelessness, local sales/use tax for addressing and preventing: HB 2658
Housing and assistance, homeless, complete local sheltering plans: HB 2649
Housing and assistance, local homeless, document-recording surcharges for: HB 1667, * ESHB 1667, CH 372 (2019), * HB 1980, CH 136 (2019), HB 2015, * ESHB 2015, CH 448 (2019), HB 2460, HB 2639, SB 5667, SB 5769, SB 5898, SSB 5898, SB 5902, SB 6196
Housing, emergency/supportive, entities providing, local utility connection charge waiver: HB 2629, SB 6414
Housing, formerly homeless postsecondary students, in retirement facilities, pilot program: SB 6560
Housing, home sharing support grant program, creating: HB 2639
Housing, public building conversion grant program, creating: HB 2282
Housing, recently homeless or at-risk, diversion services grant program: SB 6186
Housing, temporary, funding from education legacy trust account for: SB 6581
Housing, transitional housing operating and rent program, modifying: HB 2348, SB 6229
Identicards, for homeless persons: HB 2834, SB 5664, SB 6426
Identicards, for homeless persons under 25 years old: HB 2607, SHB 2607, SB 6304
Identification assistance and support pilot program, establishing: SB 6475
Job opportunities, local beautification projects pilot program: SB 5261, SSB 5261
Job training and housing for homeless, grant program for municipalities: SB 6385
Payroll expense tax, on King county businesses, imposing to aid homeless: HB 2907, SB 6669
Personal care services, for seniors and persons with disabilities, pilot project: HB 1859, SB 5839, SSB 5839
Persons experiencing homelessness, defining homelessness in terms of: HB 2388, SHB 2388, SB 6472, SSB 6472
Persons who are homeless, tax credits for employers who hire: SB 6564
Religious organizations, hosting the homeless, prohibitions/requirements: HB 1754, ESHB 1754, SB 5644
Rights of homeless, in public space: HB 1591, SHB 1591
Services for homeless, charitable organizations providing, audits/audit reports: SB 6612
Services for homeless, priority when proof of residency in local jurisdiction: SB 5722
Shelter, emergency, entities providing, local utility connection or service line charge waiver: ESHB 2629
Shelters, emergency, entities providing, local utility connection charge waiver: SSB 6414
Shelters, for homeless, city/county emergency overnight sites, requirements: SB 6459
Shelters, for homeless, emergency, local sales/use tax option to fund: SB 6649, SSB 6649
Shelters, for homeless, prevailing wages for construction: * HB 1743, CH 29 (2019), SB 5766, SSB 5766
Sleeping outdoors, city/county criminal sanctions for, prohibiting, when: HB 2893
Students, homeless and/or in foster care, educational outcomes and work group: HB 2711, SB 6511
Students, homeless, certain information concerning, on OSPI web site: SB 6103
Students, homeless, college assistance pilot program for: HB 1572, SB 5800, SSB 5800, * 2SSB 5800, CH 330 (2019)
Students, homeless, higher education accommodations: SB 5738
Students, homeless, housing via college bound scholarship program: HB 1278, SB 6424
Students, homeless, identifying and providing with housing, grant programs: HB 1263, SHB 1263, SB 5324, * SSB 5324, CH 412 (2019)
Temporary assistance for needy families, expanding access for the homeless: SB 6575
Temporary shelters or transitional encampments, SEPA exemption, when: SB 5946, ESSB 5946
Veterans, at-risk rural, outreach and resources housing program: HB 1939
WorkFirst TANF program, homeless recipients, 60-month limit exemption: SB 6478
Youth, homeless youth prevention and protection programs, office of, role: HB 1775, SHB 1775, SB 5744, SSB 5744
Youth, homeless, HOPE centers and outreach services for street youth: * HB 1657, CH 124 (2019), SB 5470