Topical Index

Abortion, potassium chloride or digoxin for, disposal and reporting, DOH role: HB 1525
Air ambulance services, licensed, uninsured patient rates/charges, DOH role: HB 2755
Ambulatory surgical facilities, regulatory program for, modifications: SB 5906
Ammunition, lead, selling/giving to person under 21, risks handout/sign: HB 1346
Asthma statewide home assistance program, establishing, department role: HB 2695
Behavioral health, full integration implementation, DOH role: HB 1393, SHB 1393, SB 5432, SSB 5432, * E2SSB 5432, CH 325 (2019)
Boards and commissions, opioid prescribing by health care professionals: HB 1331, SHB 1331, 2SHB 1331, SB 5380, * SSB 5380, CH 314 (2019)
Childhood adverse experiences, resiliency-building strategies, DOH role: HB 1925
Dental quality assurance commission, dental therapy and therapists: HB 1317, SHB 1317, SB 5392
Dentistry, state dental director, in DOH, creating position of: HB 2377
Emergency medical services data system, electronic, establishing: HB 1331, SHB 1331, 2SHB 1331, SB 5380, * SSB 5380, CH 314 (2019)
Enforcement actions, department burden of proof: SB 6227
Fee-setting for health care professions, public role in rule-making process: * HB 1753, CH 303 (2019)
Health systems, transparency concerning data, practices, and services: HB 2036
HIV and hepatitis C testing pilot project, King county and DOH to conduct: SB 6303
Maternal mortality review panel, reviews and data-sharing: HB 1369, SB 5425, * SSB 5425, CH 317 (2019)
Measles outbreak, 2019 Clark county, budget stabilization account appropriations: SB 6009
Medical commission, duties of: SB 6303
Medical quality assurance commission, renaming as medical commission: HB 1548, * SB 5764, CH 55 (2019)
Medical school graduates, international, full use of, studying: HB 2104, SB 5846, SSB 5846
Music therapy advisory committee, creating, DOH role: HB 2706, HB 2707, SB 5485, ESSB 5485
Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders, with streptococcal infections, DOH report: HB 2745
Peer support counselor certification program, transfer to DOH, sunrise review of: * 2SHB 1907, CH 446 (2019)
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, drug offense property seizure/forfeiture: SB 6266
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, nonresident pharmacy licensure: * HB 1412, CH 25 (2019), SB 5459
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, role, HIV preexposure prophylaxis: SB 6303
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, role, sexually transmitted infections: SB 6303
Podiatric medical board, members, increasing number: SB 6143
Professional licensing, DOH military assistance web page concerning: HB 2303
Public health, foundational services, defining and funding: HB 1497, SHB 1497, * 2SHB 1497, CH 14 (2019), SB 5732
Reproductive health care access for all act, DOH role: * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
School-based health centers, establishment of, DOH role: HB 2708, SB 6279
Suicide alert and response system, work group on enhancing, convening: HB 2563
Vaccination, adverse vaccine reaction monitoring program, establishing: HB 1275
Vapor products, labeling requirements, DOH role: HB 1932
Vital records and statistics, single comprehensive state system, DOH role: HB 1550, SB 5332, * ESSB 5332, CH 148 (2019)
Women, infant, and children farmers market nutrition program, fruit/vegetable benefit: HB 1587, HB 2262, SB 5583, SB 6309
Women, infant, and children program, EBT card use in ATM, where and when: SB 6136