Topical Index

Biochar, from wildlife fuel loads: HJM 4000, * SJM 8005 (2019)
Burning, outdoor, authorizing for silvicultural operations and wildfire resiliency: * 2SHB 1784, CH 305 (2019), SB 5279, ESSB 5279
Community and urban forestry program, revising name and expanding: HB 2768, SHB 2768, SB 6529
Community forest pilot program, establishing: SSB 5873, 2SSB 5873
Community forests, county-owned, reconveyance of state forestlands for: SB 5701
Community forests, grant program and account, establishing: HB 1946, SHB 1946, SB 5873
Federal forest lands, counties with, eliminating school allocation reduction in: HB 2791, SB 6573
Fire damage or response costs, actions against electric utility for: HB 1334, SB 5305
Forest carbon reforestation and afforestation account, creating for grants: HB 2528, SHB 2528, E2SHB 2528, SB 6355, SSB 6355
Forest health advisory committee, duties, investment recommendations: HB 2413
Forestland owners, small, trends and policy analyses related to: SHB 1273
Herbicides, aerial application on forestlands, forest practices permits for: SB 6488
Herbicides, aerial application on forestlands, work group on, establishing: * SSB 5597, CH 355 (2019)
Landowners, small forest, legislative work group on, creating: HB 1273, SB 5330
Landowners, small forest, trends analysis: * ESSB 5330, CH 457 (2019)
Landowners, small forest, working forests special license plates, creating: EHB 2166
Lands, forest riparian easements recommended by DNR, legislature to fund: HB 2368
Lands, natural and working, carbon sequestration/storage capabilities, utilizing: HB 2047, SHB 2047, 2SHB 2047, HB 2311, SHB 2311, E2SHB 2311, SB 6272
Lands, riparian easement program, carbon storage in timber: HB 2714, SHB 2714, SB 6498
Lands, riparian-oriented agroforestry pilot initiative, establishing: HB 2082
Pesticides, aerial application on forestlands, work group, establishing: SB 5597
State forestlands, payments from exchange of, county prorating, when: * HB 2119, CH 309 (2019), SB 5975
Vegetation management, nonchemical strategies, trials and evaluation: SB 6488
Weeds, noxious, forestland owner requirements: HB 2697, SB 6401
Wildfires, prevention and response, forest health treatment role in: SHB 1784, * 2SHB 1784, CH 305 (2019)
Wildfires, prevention, forest health activities for, funding: SB 6195
Wildfires, utility wildland fire prevention task force, convening: SHB 1334
Working forest proximity, real estate seller disclosure of: * HB 1011, CH 17 (2019)