Topical Index

Agency budget requests, discretionary tax preference listing with, OFM role: SB 6621
Bills, tax or fee increases and preferences in, cost/savings determination: HB 2333
Census, Washington census bill of rights and responsibilities, OFM role: HB 2527, * SHB 2527, CH 34 (2020)
Contracting agencies, rates paid to vendors, advisory group regarding, OFM role: HB 2944
Coronavirus, appropriations for response to, OFM role: * EHB 2965, CH 7 (2020), SB 6696
Duties and organization of OFM, correcting statutes to reflect: HB 1294, * SB 5310, CH 146 (2019)
Education data center, colleges' and universities' revenues/expenditures, displaying: SHB 2089
Education data center, colleges' and universities' unit budgets, displaying: HB 2089
Education data center, higher education student level data submission to: SB 5960, SSB 5960
Education data center, postsecondary student financial aid programs data: * E2SHB 2158, CH 406 (2019)
Firearm background checks, single/full point of contact system, feasibility: * SHB 1949, CH 35 (2019)
Fiscal analysis, work group concerning nonpartisan agency for, OFM role: SB 5636, SSB 5636
Fiscal impact, dynamic fiscal impact statements, instituting, OFM role: HB 2151, SB 5636, SSB 5636
Fiscal impact, statements for ballot measures, when impact indeterminate: HB 2224
Fiscal notes and analysis, shifting to new legislative budget office: HB 2225
Fiscal notes, for revenue-altering supreme court decisions, provision of: SB 6353
Fiscal notes, various provisions: HB 2151, SB 5636, SSB 5636
Health care providers, out-of-network, data set and business process: HB 1065, SHB 1065, SB 5031, SB 5699
Heat island effects, from certain cities, ecological/salmonid impacts of, report: ESHB 2427
Homelessness, budget stabilization account appropriations to alleviate: HB 2522, SB 6167
Lost and found property, monetary thresholds for disposition, OFM role: HB 1764, * SHB 1764, CH 30 (2019)
Military spouse recruitment program, OFM role: HB 1328, SHB 1328, SB 5772
Mitigation hierarchy/net ecological gain, land use/development/environment: HB 2550
Net ecological gain/no net loss, land use/development/environment: SHB 2550
Prescription drugs, cost transparency, OFM role: HB 1224, SB 5251, SB 5292, SSB 5292
RCW, obsolete provisions concerning OFM: HB 1364, SB 5311, * ESSB 5311, CH 147 (2019)
Rule making, discretionary, reduction pilot program, OFM role: HB 2257
Special purpose districts, governing body member compensation, OFM role: SB 6046
State employees, child care access and affordability survey, OFM role: * 2SHB 1344, CH 368 (2019)
Statewide all-payer health care claims database, transfer of authority for: HB 1776, SHB 1776, 2SHB 1776, SB 5741, * ESSB 5741, CH 319 (2019)
Transportation project appropriations, certain transfers, repealing OFM authority: HB 2194
Workforce education investment account, appropriations from: HB 2158, SHB 2158, * E2SHB 2158, CH 406 (2019)