Topical Index

Auto ferries, purchase of additional: HB 2161, * ESHB 2161, CH 431 (2019), SB 5992, SSB 5992
Auto ferry, private, between Anacortes and British Columbia, permitting, when: SB 6667
Cameras, traffic safety, authorized use of: HB 1793, SB 5789
Cameras, traffic safety, authorized use of and pilot program for: ESHB 1793
Employees, time/schedules and collective bargaining, ferry rider relief act: HB 2403
Funding, from motor vehicle sales/use tax revenues: SB 5978
International ferry services, direct, between Washington and British Columbia: SB 6667
Passenger-only service between Olympia and Seattle, studying: SB 5157
Passenger-only service, by cities on Puget Sound, authority/investment plan: HB 2641
Performance measures for ferry system: HB 1189, SHB 1189
Procurement, ferries, small business enterprise enforceable goals program: * ESHB 2161, CH 431 (2019)
Vessel replacement surcharge, additional, on certain fares: HB 2161, * ESHB 2161, CH 431 (2019), SB 5971, SSB 5971, SB 5992, SSB 5992
Vessel replacement surcharge, deposits into capital vessel replacement account: SB 5971, SSB 5971