Topical Index

Aquaculture, marine finfish, inspections/monitoring/testing, ecology costs recovery: SB 6613
Aquatic lands, infrastructure projects, mitigation hierarchy/net ecological gain: HB 2550
Architectural paint stewardship program, creation, ecology role: HB 1652, * SHB 1652, CH 344 (2019)
Batteries, battery stewardship program, ecology role: HB 2496
Chemicals, priority, reducing use in consumer products, ecology role: HB 1194, SHB 1194, SB 5135, * SSB 5135, CH 292 (2019)
Drought conditions, advisories, emergency orders, plans, and pilot program: HB 1622, ESHB 1622, SB 5675
Drought mitigation, via Yakima river basin trust water rights program: SB 6036
Enforcement actions, department burden of proof: SB 6227
Environmental impact statements, ecology rule making: HB 1029
Flows or levels, minimum for public waters, ecology to repeal certain rules: HB 1979
Fossil fuels, producers/distributors, emissions standards compliance by, when: HB 2892, SB 6628
Fossil fuels, projects, cumulative emissions rate for each fuel, ecology role: HB 2472
Fuels, for transportation, clean fuels program, ecology role: HB 1110, SHB 1110, E2SHB 1110, SB 5412
Greenhouse gas emissions, evaluation under SEPA, ecology rule adoption: HB 1549, SB 5561
Greenhouse gas emissions, from on-demand transportation services, reducing: HB 2310, SHB 2310, 2SHB 2310, SB 6399
Hazardous substances, independent remedial actions, program to aid: HB 1290, * SHB 1290, CH 95 (2019), SB 5285
Imidacloprid, in shellfish beds, NPDES permit issuance, ecology role: HB 1611, SB 5626
Marijuana, product testing laboratories, accreditation program for, ecology role: * HB 2052, CH 277 (2019)
Natural gas, pre-use upstream emissions rate and global warming potential: HB 1597
Nuisances, airborne, in various public spaces, enforcement: HB 1637
Oil spill prevention and response, ecology role: HB 1578, * ESHB 1578, CH 289 (2019), SB 5578, SSB 5578
Paints for boats, antifouling, reporting, ecology role: HB 2385, SB 6210
Plastic beverage containers, postconsumer recycled plastic content, ecology role: HB 2722, SB 6645
Plastic packaging, prohibitions and stewardship programs: HB 1204, SB 5397
Plastic packaging, report concerning: * E2SSB 5397, CH 460 (2019)
Plastic packaging, report concerning, and stewardship plan and program: SSB 5397
Recycling development center, with advisory board, creating within ecology: HB 1543, SHB 1543, * E2SHB 1543, CH 166 (2019), SB 5545, SSB 5545
Recycling, ecology role: HB 1795, SB 5854
Refrigerants, low global warming potential, studying, ecology role: HB 1112, SHB 1112, * E2SHB 1112, CH 284 (2019), SB 5426, SSB 5426, 2SSB 5426
Regulatory compliance, technical assistance, enforcement, and training: HB 2330
Regulatory procedures and rule making, various: HB 1029, HB 2343, SHB 2343, SB 6334
Rule making, department policies, adoption and enforcement, requirements: SB 6315
Skagit river, Diablo/Gorge/Ross dams on, removal costs/benefits/feasibility: HB 2940
Solar energy systems, photovoltaic module stewardship/takeback program: HB 2645, SB 6622
Solar energy systems, photovoltaic modules, task force, ecology to convene: HB 2389, SB 6622
State water trust and water banking, work group to study, ecology role: HB 2603, SB 6494
Stormwater, construction general permit, permit applicant under, electronic notice: SB 6635
Vapor products, stewardship program, establishing, ecology role: HB 1932
Waste discharge, from campers/RVs into Puget Sound: SB 6283
Waste discharge, from unauthorized camper/RV street use, general permit: SB 6283
Wastewater discharge, from camper/RV by state waters, risk notice: HB 2507
Wastewater/sewage, discharges into Puget Sound, compensation schedule: HB 2275
Water bodies, Indian tribe traditional/cultural interests in, ecology role: SB 6260
Water infrastructure program, establishing, ecology role: HB 1889, SB 5136, SB 6345
Water quality certification, ecology decisions and rule making: HB 1029
Water rights, upstream WRIA transfer to downstream by ecology, prohibiting, where: HB 2866