Topical Index

Basic law enforcement academy pilot project for eastern WA, CJTC role: HB 2538
Basic law enforcement academy, minimum number of classes per year: HB 2560
Basic law enforcement training, commencement date after hiring: HB 1253, SB 5944
Certification of corrections officers, denying or revoking, CJTC role: HB 2499, SHB 2499, 2SHB 2499
Certification of peace officers, polygraph requirement, provisions: SSB 6148
Certification of peace officers, polygraph requirement, removing: SB 6148
Commission membership, changes to: HB 2785, SHB 2785, SB 6537
Coroners, medicolegal forensic investigation training and academy, CJTC role: HB 2432, SHB 2432
Deadly force, law enforcement training relevant to: HB 1064, * SHB 1064, CH 4 (2019), SB 5029
Diversity, professional development outreach grant program, developing: HB 2539
Domestic violence, officer handling of, CJTC course of instruction: HB 1225, * SHB 1225, CH 367 (2019), SB 5143, SSB 5143
Domestic violence, traumatic brain injuries risk, CJTC curriculum to include: * ESB 5573 (2019) V
Law enforcement training standards and education board, establishing: HB 2537
School district permanent employees, firearms training/education program for: SB 5977
School resource officers, CJTC role: SB 5052
School safety drills, types/frequency and evaluator team to review, CJTC role: SB 6389
Sexual assault investigations, case review program, commission role: HB 2318, ESHB 2318
Sexual assault kit analysis, victim notification, investigator training for: HB 1166, SHB 1166, * 2SHB 1166, CH 93 (2019)
Sheriffs, preparation course for person who is not a peace officer, CJTC role: HB 2664
Sheriffs, training program for newly elected, CJTC role: HB 2664