Topical Index

Accessory dwelling units, model ordinance recommendations, DOC to update: SHB 2570, 2SHB 2570
Affordable housing advisory board, duties of: HB 2849, ESHB 2849
Affordable housing program, replacing with housing trust fund program: HB 2849, ESHB 2849
Affordable housing, multifamily property tax exemption, work group, DOC role: HB 2950
Affordable housing, preserving through preservation program, DOC role: HB 2849, ESHB 2849
Animal shelters, facilities projects assistance: HB 1007
Bags, retail carryout, pass-through charge, effectiveness of, DOC assessment of: * ESSB 5323, CH 138 (2020)
Behavioral health ombuds, state office of the, establishing, DOC role: HB 2386, SHB 2386, 2SHB 2386
Broadband access and adoption, statewide action team on, DOC to convene: SHB 2414
Building communities fund program, grant assistance award amounts: HB 1952
Building for the arts program, modifying: HB 2352
Building materials, for public works, global warming potentials: HB 2744, SHB 2744
Carbon sequestration, forest products sector role, role of DOC: HB 2528, SHB 2528, SB 6355, SSB 6355
Child care industry in Washington, regional assessment, DOC role: HB 1142, SHB 1344, * 2SHB 1344, CH 368 (2019)
Clean energy building improvements, C-PACER program for, DOC role: HB 2405, SHB 2405, * E2SHB 2405, CH 27 (2020), SB 6222
Community technology opportunity program, superseding: SHB 2414
Crime victims advocacy, office, nonfatal strangulation victims, forensic nurse examiners for: SB 6162, SSB 6162
Crime victims advocacy, office, sexual assault survivors, grant program: HB 2704
Digital equity capacity and competitive grant programs, DOC to establish: HB 2414
Digital equity opportunity and digital equity planning grant programs, establishing: SHB 2414
Efficiency and environmental performance office, state, duties of: HB 2311, SHB 2311, * E2SHB 2311, CH 79 (2020), SB 6272
Electric utilities, energy resource adequacy, stakeholder meetings, DOC role: * SSB 6135, CH 63 (2020)
Electric utilities, system reliability evaluation, submission/updates, DOC role: SB 6135
Electric utility net metering, work group on future of, convening: HB 1862, SB 5223, SSB 5223
Energy and climate policy advisory committee, convening: HB 1211, SHB 1211, 2SHB 1211, SB 5116, SSB 5116, * E2SSB 5116, CH 288 (2019)
Energy and climate policy advisory committee, duties: HB 2594
Energy performance standard, commercial buildings, early adoption program: HB 1257, SHB 1257, 2SHB 1257, * E3SHB 1257, CH 285 (2019), SB 5293, SSB 5293, 2SSB 5293
Essential needs and housing support program, access to, when: SB 6625
Essential needs and housing support program, and pregnant women assistance: HB 2809, SB 6495, * SSB 6495, CH 322 (2020)
Essential needs and housing support program, homelessness defined for: HB 2388, SB 6472, SSB 6472
Financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program: HB 2193, SB 6074, * SSB 6074, CH 60 (2020)
Firearm safety and violence prevention, Washington office of, creating in DOC: * ESSB 6288, CH 313 (2020)
Firearm violence prevention, Washington office of, creating in DOC: SB 6288
Firearm violence, statewide helpline, counseling, and referral service: SB 6553
Growth management act, repeal of, conforming changes due to, DOC role: HB 1214
Growth management, DOC guidance, analysis of effects of: SB 5524, SSB 5524
Hiram M. Chittenden locks, costs/benefits of dismantling, DOC to examine: SB 6380
Home sharing support grant program, creating, DOC role: HB 2639
Homeless assistance, DOC data/data collection systems for, reliability of: SB 6647
Homeless assistance, government spending on, LEAP internet portal for: SB 6647
Homeless housing, public building conversion grant program, creating: HB 2282
Homeless persons, identicards, identification assistance/support program: SSB 6475
Homeless persons, identification assistance and support pilot program: SB 6475
Homeless persons, identification assistance and support program for: SSB 6475
Homeless persons, job opportunities, local beautification projects pilot program: SB 5261, SSB 5261
Homeless persons, job training/housing, grant program for municipalities: SB 6385, SSB 6385
Homeless youth prevention and protection programs, office of, provisions: SHB 1591, * HB 1657, CH 124 (2019), SB 5470
Homelessness impact grant program, security/sanitation services, DOC role: SB 6196
Housing assistance program, replacing with housing trust fund program: HB 2849, ESHB 2849
Housing information guide, in English and Spanish, for tenants and owners: HB 1463
Housing portfolio monitoring account, using for compliance and monitoring: HB 2849, ESHB 2849
Housing trust fund program, creating to replace previous programs, DOC role: HB 2849, ESHB 2849
Housing trust fund, reports: ESSB 5746
Housing trust fund, shared housing projects, moneys for, DOC role: HB 2924, SB 6546
Industrial symbiosis grant program, for local waste coordination projects: * SB 6430 (2020) V
Industrial waste coordination program and waste heat/materials use projects: HB 2079, SB 5936, SSB 5936
Industrial waste coordination program, for local industrial symbiosis projects: * SB 6430 (2020) V
International markets, DOC engagement with, to aid WA companies/regions: SB 6656, SSB 6656, 2SSB 6656
Local government entities, tax revenue capacity, studying: HB 1008, SHB 1008
Local revitalization financing, project award criteria, DOC role: HB 2804, ESHB 2804
Manufactured/mobile home community, purchase-opportunity notice, DOC role: EHB 2610, SB 6230, SSB 6230
Manufacturing, public policies for growth, studying: ESHB 2879
Marijuana equity loan program and advisory board, creating: HB 2263, SB 6085
Marijuana, licenses, technical assistance competitive grant program, DOC role: HB 2870, SHB 2870, * E2SHB 2870, CH 236 (2020), SB 6604
Military spouses, employment of, demonstration campaign to increase, DOC role: HB 2730
Military spouses, employment of, statewide plan for increasing, DOC role: SHB 2730
Projects, local, county/city performance report data collection, DOC role: HB 2886
Property, crimes against, law enforcement grant program, establishing: HB 1280
Ravenna creek, in Seattle, restoring to flow above ground, DOC to examine: SB 6380
Recognition technology/biometric analytics, use in rental dwelling units, DOC report: HB 2760
Rent increases, maximum allowed rent increase, DOC to update and publish: HB 2779
Rural development fund program, and review committee, DOC role: SHB 2541
Rural development program, DOC role: HB 2541
Safe station pilot program, at fire department, grant program for, DOC role: SB 6648
Seattle city light Skagit river hydroelectric project, removing dams, examining: SB 6380
Secure choice retirement savings trust, program, and fund, DOC role: SB 5740, SSB 5740
Space economy, fostering, public policy study of, DOC role: HB 2596
State-/publicly-owned lands/buildings, inventory of, publication on DOC web site: HB 2774, EHB 2896
State-owned land/property, underutilized, for affordable housing, DOC role: HB 2774, EHB 2896
Substance use disorder, recovery residence program and associated grants: HB 1528
Supports and basic income pilot program, creating: SB 6625
Time zone and daylight saving time, impact on commerce, reviewing: SB 5139, SB 5140