Topical Index

Annexation, unincorporated areas, code city agreement with county: HB 1598, ESHB 1598, SB 5522, * ESSB 5522, CH 142 (2020)
Annexation, unincorporated island of territory: HB 1357, SHB 1357, SB 5249
Ballard, Hiram M. Chittenden locks in, cost/benefits of dismantling, examining: SB 6380
Ballot measures, statewide, local legal relation to, prohibiting declaratory judgment: HB 2887
Beautification projects, job opportunities for homeless, pilot program: SB 5261, SSB 5261
Blaine, peace arch, as official state peace monument: SB 5953
Boarding homes, using residential dwellings as, city/county prohibition, prohibiting: HB 2890
Camping on public property, ordinance restricting, when: HB 2658
City council, PERS plan 2 or 3 retiree employment in elected position: SB 6125
Commercial office space, development tax incentives: HB 1746, * SHB 1746, CH 273 (2019), SB 5051, ESSB 5051
Community preservation and development authorities, creating: * HB 1918, CH 447 (2019)
Contracts, bidding, lowest responsible bidder: HB 1174, SHB 1174, SB 5225
Contracts, public works contract thresholds: * ESSB 5418, CH 434 (2019) PV
Edmonds, former mayor David Earling's service to, celebrating: * SR 8692 (2020)
Facilities, public, impact on ethnically diverse/high poverty areas, mitigating: HB 1724, * SHB 1724, CH 375 (2019), SB 5679, SSB 5679
First-class cities, retirement funds of, investment: SB 5240
Graffiti, removal of, as restitution for malicious mischief in third degree: SB 6460
Homeless persons, sleeping outdoors, criminal sanctions for, prohibiting, when: HB 2893
Housing benefit districts, low-/middle-income housing, establishing and funding: HB 2898, SB 6618
Improvement districts, local, for off-street parking facilities: HB 1083, * SHB 1083, CH 254 (2019)
Improvement districts, utility local, as broadband providers: SB 5085
Improvements, public, contracts with community service organizations for: HB 2832, SHB 2832
Infill development in urban areas, construction/improvement, tax exemptions: SB 5951, SSB 5951
Marijuana, businesses, refusing to license when city objects due to zoning: HB 2247
Metropolitan municipal corporations, tax rates disclosure: SB 5024, ESSB 5024
Metropolitan transit commissions, members, adding labor representative: HB 2929
Mountlake Terrace, former mayor Jerry Smith, life and achievements of: * SR 8634 (2019)
Ordinances, violations of, issuance, name of complainant required: HB 2812, SB 6572
Parking facilities, off-street, city-owned property used for, sales of: HB 1083, * SHB 1083, CH 254 (2019)
Pavement condition, arterial systems, city/town reporting: HB 1695
Payroll expense tax, on employers doing business in King county, imposing: HB 2948, SB 6692
Plan of government, abandonment in favor of council-manager, resolution: HB 1666, SB 6643
Seattle city light Skagit river hydroelectric project, removing dams, examining: SB 6380
Seattle, Central District community preservation and development authority: * HB 1918, CH 447 (2019)
Seattle, general strike of 1919, recognizing: * HR 4606 (2019), * SR 8608 (2019)
Seattle, Interbay property, community preservation/development authority for: HB 2882, SHB 2882
Seattle, Interbay property, state lands development authority formation for: HB 2966
Seattle, James R. Ellis, community leader, honoring and remembering: * SR 8708 (2020)
Seattle, persistent property offender arrested for property offense in, charging: SB 6502
Seattle, Ravenna creek in, restoring to flow above ground, examining: SB 6380
Seattle, statute of Vladimir Lenin in, work group on replacing, creating: HB 2120
Seattle, taxing authority for Alaskan Way viaduct replacement project: HB 1809
Small cities, option to opt out of business licensing service, when: HB 2100
Spokane, Don Kardong, runner and writer, recognizing: * SR 8699 (2020)
Spokane, George R. Nethercutt, Jr., former U.S. representative, recognizing: * SR 8674 (2020)
Streets, unauthorized campers/RV use, waste discharge from, general permit: SB 6283
Tacoma, William W. Philip, "Mr. Tacoma," honoring and recognizing role of: * SR 8649 (2019)
Taxes, basing on employee wages, hours, or positions, prohibiting imposition: SB 5589
Taxes, multiple business, city/town imposition citing same statutory authority, prohibiting: SB 6194
Utilities, city/town services for tenants, collection of delinquent charges: HB 1705, HB 2069, SHB 2069, 2SHB 2069
Utilities, city/town, fees/taxes imposed on, billing statement disclosure of: HB 2889
Utilities, city/town, fees/taxes imposed on, disclosure to customers of: * SHB 2889, CH 135 (2020)
Utilities, municipal, surplus property disposal at low/no cost, as a lawful tax: EHB 2896
Utilities, municipal, surplus property disposal for affordable housing: EHB 2896
Utility services, beyond city limits, annexation covenant requirement, prohibiting: HB 1737
Walla Walla, Jerry Cummins, civic leader, honoring: * HR 4648 (2020)
Walla Walla, Walla Walla noon rotary club, hard work and charity of, recognizing: * HR 4683 (2020)
Wenatchee, celebrating apple blossom festival and honoring apple blossom festival court: * SR 8627 (2019), * SR 8685 (2020)