Topical Index

Bots, using online to mislead in commercial transaction, prohibiting: HB 2396
Cooperative finance organizations, B&O tax deduction: * HB 1368 (2020) V, SB 6137, SSB 6137
Engineering, entities practicing, registration with department of revenue: SB 5125
Entities, corporate crime act: * HB 1252, CH 211 (2019)
Entities, crimes committed by, fines/legal financial obligations: * HB 1252, CH 211 (2019)
Entities, foreign nationals, campaign financing and related roles, prohibiting: * SSB 6152, CH 152 (2020)
Entities, foreign nationals, corporation ownership level of/campaign contributions: SB 6152
Entities, foreign nationals, entity ownership level of, and campaign contributions: HB 2942
Entities, gender of directors on board of, reporting: SB 5142
Entities, marijuana business or nonprofit, licensing and residency: HB 1236, SHB 1236, SB 5202, SB 5409
Executive pay ratios, excessive, certain surcharges for: HB 1681, HB 1778
Family and medical leave, paid, exempting or excluding certain entities: HB 2191, SB 5539
Land surveying, entities practicing, registration with department of revenue: SB 5125
Payroll expense tax, on employers doing business in King county, imposing: HB 2948, SB 6692
Uniform business organizations code, limited cooperative associations: * SB 5002, CH 37 (2019)