Topical Index

               (See also AUDITORS AND AUDITING)
Audits of special purpose districts, role of auditor: HB 2588
Duties and procedures, revising: HB 1009, SHB 1009, SB 5009, SB 6026
Election reconciliation reports, statewide, audit of: HB 1887
Elections, voted ballot rejection rates, auditor analysis of: HB 1861, SHB 1861
Facilities/institutions, of certain agencies, auditor duties when found deficient: SB 6192
Higher education institutions, public funds information reporting, auditing of: SB 5960, SSB 5960
Housing finance commission, annual audits of, scope: HB 2011
Long-term services and supports trust program, auditor to evaluate: * 2SHB 1087, CH 363 (2019)
Marijuana, traceability system, auditor to audit and report: HB 2076
Performance audits, repealing statutes: SHB 1009, SB 6026
Regulatory compliance, assistance/enforcement by certain agencies, audits of: HB 2330
Schools, local revenue, supplemental expenditure schedules, auditing of: SB 6021
Special education, performance audit of revenues and expenditures: * E2SSB 5091, CH 387 (2019)
Special purpose districts, financial reports of, certification, auditor role: SB 6324
Special purpose districts, unauditable, auditor role in determination: ESSB 6324
Unauditable special purpose districts, as finding, role of auditor: HB 2588, * ESHB 2588, CH 179 (2020)