Topical Index

Assistant attorneys general, collective bargaining rights: HB 1299, SHB 1299, SB 5297, * SSB 5297, CH 145 (2019)
Biometric identifiers, ownership rights infringement, task force on, convening: HB 2363
Biometric identifiers, privacy rights infringement, task force on, convening: SHB 2363
Domestic workers, model statement of obligations and rights, AG's office role: HB 2511, SB 6247
Domestic workers, model written employment agreement, AG's office role: SHB 2511, 2SHB 2511, SSB 6247
Domestic workers, work group on, AG's office to administer: HB 2511, SHB 2511, 2SHB 2511, SB 6247, SSB 6247
Exploitation of children, sexual, AG subpoenas for service provider records: HB 1872, HB 2433
Growth management act ombuds, creating in AG's office: HB 1978
Homeowners' association ombuds, office of, establishing in AG's office: SB 5302
Immigration enforcement, model policies for limiting, AG role: HB 1815, SHB 1815, 2SHB 1815, SB 5497, SSB 5497, * E2SSB 5497, CH 440 (2019)
K-12 student internet data privacy, attorney general actions: SB 5598
Minority and women-owned businesses, contracts, AG enforcement, repealing: HB 1202, HB 2469, SHB 2469
Multidisciplinary hate crime advisory working group, AG to convene: HB 1732, * ESHB 1732, CH 271 (2019), SB 5850, SSB 5850
Officers/security guards, use of force with firearm discharge, reporting to AG: SB 5916
Opioids, advisory council on state use of money from litigation, AG to convene: HB 2786
Opioids, advisory council on state use of penalties from litigation, AG to convene: ESHB 2786
Referrals to prosecutors/charges filed, adult felonies/misdemeanors, information, AG role: SHB 2465
Referrals to prosecutors/charges filed, criminal, AG to collect/publish information: HB 2465
Self-harm or criminal acts, potential, hotline/program for reporting, AG role: SB 5835
Sexual assault coordinated community response task force, establishing: SB 6158, * SSB 6158, CH 202 (2020)
Sexual assault forensic examination best practices advisory group: SHB 1166, * 2SHB 1166, CH 93 (2019)
Voting practices, covered, certification of no objection, when, AG role: SB 6688