Topical Index

Appropriations, higher education and state agency art: * HB 1318, CH 240 (2019), SB 5375
Artistic and cultural organizations, B&O tax deductions, various changes: ESB 5402
Arts and crafts activities, not a gaming activity for liquor license purposes: HB 1676
Building for the arts program, modifying: HB 2352
Cultural access programs, same requirements for all counties: HB 1435, SB 5792
Esteban, Luis Fernando, honorary consul of Spain, recognizing for service to arts: * SR 8646 (2019)
George Washington Bush, commemorating through art, task force on, establishing: HB 2134
Legislative buildings, display of art and exhibits in, program for: SB 5869
Lenin, Vladimir, statute in Seattle of, work group on replacing, creating: HB 2120
Marcus Whitman statues, in state and U.S. capitols, replacing: SB 5237
Monument, global war on terror, service members who died in, work group: SB 5712
Peace arch, in Blaine, as official state peace monument: SB 5953
Schools, works of art for buildings and structures, local artist preference: HB 2007