Topical Index

Abolition of abortion in Washington act: HB 2154
Convenience abortions, direct/indirect use of public funds for, prohibiting: HB 2935
Facilities, regulation of: SB 5721
Information, transparency in reproductive health act: SB 6598
Information, women's right to know act: SB 5966
Insurance coverage, single-invoice billing and segregation: HB 1902, * 2SSB 5602, CH 399 (2019)
Life appropriations act, 1st amendment establishment clause and convenience abortions public funds use prohibition: HB 2935
Pain capable unborn child protection act, abortion restrictions/procedures: HB 1526
Parental notification, requirements: SB 5185
Potassium chloride or digoxin, to induce abortion, facility reporting: HB 1525
Procedures causing sterility, hospital stay, or live birth, reporting: SB 6391
Procedures for aborting, various, prohibitions: HB 1526, HB 1560
Student health plan, coverage for abortion, when: HB 2252, SB 6129
Women seeking abortion, right to know about abortion and potential risks: SB 5966, SB 6598